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Lexi accessed herself in front of the mirror one last time, she still couldn’t believe this day was finally here. As a kid she had always wanted to work for Miami Heat as a physiotherapist and today she starts to live that dream. Did I mention she had a crush on their star athlete Coby Reeds? It would suffice to say she was in love with him; have always been. Now at 23 she was one of the youngest physiotherapists out there with a job many would kill for. She haven’t worked with any sports team yet so she’d have to work as an assistant for now but it didn’t matter; her pay was to kill for anyways and she’d get to see Coby and work with him.
She was deep in thoughts when Meagan her roommate walked into her room.
“Thinking again huh?”
She was startled but calmly replied “stop sneaking up on me Meg”

“I wasnt. You’ll be late on your first day if you don’t leave soon. And try not to jump Coby” she added laughing.

Lexi couldn’t help but laugh “I would try not to. Don’t even think i’m going to see him today. So how do I look?”

“Gorgeous. Now hurry up and leave”
At the door she hugs Meagan “wish me luck”.

“You don’t need it. Bye dear”

“I sure do” she murmured to herself as she got into her car. Her phone rang immediately as if on cue. She glanced at the caller ID.

“Mum. On my way to work”

“I know honey. Good luck and be good. Love you”

“Thanks mum. Love you too. Bye”
As she hung up the phone she started thinking again of the day ahead of her. Minutes later she pulled up at the American Airlines Arena and got out of her car. As she walked inside she was both happy this was real and scared shitless too. She saw the players who were already training then walked towards the doctor she’d be assisting.
“Good day Dr Daniels”

“Good day Lexi. You wouldn’t train with them on those heels right?”

“No Dr. Came with my sneakers.” She said this as she looked around for Coby and was disappointed when she didn’t see him. Dr Daniels who was observing her asked if she was okay and she said yes.

“Change those shoes so we can get started then”.
Minutes later she was introduced to the team and though she still couldn’t see Coby she was very happy. She trained alongside them and decided to take a break some hours later. She walked towards the water can and tripped on something and started falling but someone caught her just in time.

“You okay Dr?”
She froze. She knew that voice any day any time. Oh no! Why now? She was sweating, hair scattered, prolly looked clumsy. This was a nightmare. With all the courage she could muster she looked up at him.

“Thanks, I’m fine”. She even managed a smile.
He nodded and walked away. She turned and walked as fast as her legs could.

See you next week for the 2nd episode. What did you think? Remember to drop comments. Thanks and have a nice day.


52 thoughts on “LEXI

  1. Now Ada what kind of story is this 1 na, lets not look at the fact that the grammar n diction was good. Lets also look at the fact that the story is boring…and needed the 2nd phase of it to make it more or less lively.
    All the same good work bae.

  2. I’m sure Coby is prolly dating like 3 models so that’s gonna be sad news for Lexi! Impressed dear….Waiting on the next episode

  3. I think this is a beautifly written purely modern comtemporary literature, that makes your thoughts linger & yearn for much. We all are really excited for the 2nd episode.

  4. Wow!. Good diction. Its been long I read a short story word for word. I hope Coby doesn’t have a girlfriend though..

  5. Real lovely cant wait for next episode:though coby will fall madly in love with lexi. Definitely sure!

  6. Nice one I’m glad the story is out although the most anticipated is gonna take a longer time. Lol. Good job so proud of u.

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