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LEXI ; 2nd Episode

‘Thanks for your support last week, hope you enjoy this episode too and remember to read the first episode before this if you haven’t ♥♥’

“You are kidding me yeah?” Meagan asked laughing. Lexi had told her what happened earlier that day and she just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Stop laughing. This is not funny”

“I know it’s not, I just can’t stop laughing. Well it’s not the end of the world; cheer up” said Meg as she left the room. Lexi could still hear her laughing but who wouldn’t? She pushed the event out of her mind and tried to pick out an outfit for the next day. The Miami Heat was playing so she had to look nice in case she appeared on tv. She ate dinner later on and talked to her mum before going to bed.

Her alarm went off by 7am and she stretched her hand to stop it wondering how it was morning already. She went back to sleep and moment’s later had to get out of bed because of the noise coming from Meagan’s room. Ryan and Meg always managed to get her out of bed when her alarm couldn’t. As she passed her room she taps on Meg’s door.

“You guys mind toning it down a bit?” She smiles as she hears them giggling. Walking into the kitchen she pours coffee into the coffee maker. Hearing them both makes her think of Coby and immediately she remembers what happened the previous day so she pushes him out of her mind. She pours coffee into a mug, added cream then goes to the sitting room to watch tv. Meg walks in minutes later.

“What you watching?”

“Nothing really. Where’s Ryan?”

“He’ll be out soon”.
Hours later she is ready to leave for work. The game was by 8pm but she had to be there earlier. Meg was out with Ryan so she just locks the door and drives off. She pulls up at the American Airlines Arena minutes later and runs into Dr Daniels on her way in who gives her something to drop off at the coach’s office. Walking into the men’s locker room she sees Coby standing in front of his locker in his sports shorts and sports shoes. His hair was wet and he had a towel on his bare shoulders. Her legs froze and all she could do was drink in the sight before her. He was so gorgeous, those abs, what she would do to them. His lips, so tiny and full she just wanted to nibble on them. She absentmindedly licked her lips not realizing Coby had seen her. He checked her out too; just to be even. She had a nice body, he wouldn’t deny that. Pretty face, nice legs, and those eyes; very piercing. He had a feeling this was going to be fun. Just because he liked making her blush he asked:

“See something you like Doc?” Pulling her out of her reverie.

She jerked her senses back and flushed immediately as she realized he had caught her staring. He smiled then.

“Not really. Just looking for the coach’s office”. He pointed her towards the office with a smirk on his face. She walked away and berated herself for staring. But damn! He is hot.
The team won the game that night. She was on her way home when she walked into Coby again.

“Nice game today”

“Thanks Doc. The win was for you” he said and winked at her. She blushed immediately and he smiled. He could see it all over her, how much she wanted him. Just to get a kick out of this he stepped closer and touched her hair, shifting some strands from her face. He could feel her breath quicken and her jaws tense up. He bent down like he was going to kiss her but just lingered, hands in her hair. How much she wanted to tilt up her face and taste those lips.

“Coby, you coming? Been looking for you” Lexi heard one of the models always hanging around him ask. And she just had to find him now.

Coby smiled, the disappointment was written all over her face, but this wasn’t over yet.

“Goodnight Lexi”. He let go of her hair, and walked towards Trish. It took her some minutes to actually decipher what just happened.
“Well, atleast he called me Lexi not Doc” she thought. She got into her car and drove home with smiles on her face. She wasn’t going to tell Meg anything yet, at least not until she woke up tomorrow and was sure it wasn’t a dream.

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25 thoughts on “LEXI ; 2nd Episode

  1. Really exciting episode yet again, slowly getting more intense & totally dig the sexual tension. Big ups to your writing.

  2. Suspense filled…can’t wait 4 d next episode cos I rily wanna knw if she finally got coby into her bed!lol

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