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LEXI; 3rd Episode

“I know you could just shoot her for interrupting” said Meg laughing. Lexi was in her room,and had just told her about last night’s event.

“Yeah; so much for bad timing”.

“Hope today won’t be weird for you both.”

“Today is an off day for everyone, and I was thinking of going to the beach. You and Ryan could tag along”.

“What a sweet invite, how could I say no?” Asked Meg sarcastically.

“You are welcome” said Lexi as she left the room smiling.

Hours later they were at the Miami Beach. They found a corner with shades to relax as Ryan went to get drinks. They helped each other with their tan lotions so as not to get sunburnt. Minutes later Ryan returned with the drinks and dragged Meg to the beachside leaving Lexi behind.

Coby and his teammate Jordan happened to be at the beach too; there was no training so what better way to spend the day? Jordan spotted her on their way to get drinks.

“Is that not our new Doctor?” Jordan asked pointing towards Lexi.
Coby looked towards that direction and nodded affirmatively.

“I should probably go say hello. Coming with?”

“Nah, I’m good. See you later. Got to scout anyways” said Jordan smiling.

“I wonder why such a pretty lady like you is alone at the beach” he said as he walked up behind her.

Her mind started racing “what is he doing here, and is that model girl with him? Not ready to see him today. Oh my God!”

Calmly she turned “Hi Coby, wrong to sneak up on people you know”.

“I wasn’t. So what you doing lying down here and staring into space alone?”

“I’m not alone” she replied pointing towards Meg and Ryan. “What about you?” She silently hoped he was alone.

“Here with Jordan. He is scouting for girls”.

“Shouldn’t you be doing the same?”

“Already found mine” he replied smiling.

Her heart skipped a beat. That smile, those lips. She stopped herself on time before she starts imagining things.

“So tell me about yourself Doc”. Oh; we back at Doc again she thought.

“There’s really not a lot to tell. Grew up in Georgia with my mum and dad; an only child. Attended high school and college back home, graduated from Yale. Moved to Miami a few months ago to stay with my friend Meagan, and here I am now”.

“So what was your motivation to want to be a physiotherapist?” He asked.

“As a kid my dad always took me to the games. He loved it so much, and I even tried playing back in high school to make him happy; but I realized playing wasn’t for me so I decided on another route. So how about you, how did you start playing?” Asked Lexi.

“My mum says I started throwing objects the moment i could lift them so I probably always had it in me. Started playing when I was 5 but my dad was never thrilled. He saw it as a waste of time; he had this dream of me working alongside him but I’m just not business inclined”.

She tried to imagine how he must have felt as a kid knowing his dad wasn’t really in support of his dreams.

“Well, I’m sure he is very proud of you now” she said.

“I guess. Can I buy you a drink?”

He helped her up to her feet and they walked towards the bar. It was gradually getting dark and the air was cooler now, she almost felt cold and was thankful for the jacket she brought along. As they sat there drinking, Meg and Ryan came to meet them and she introduces them to Coby. They all talk for a while, then Coby asks her to take a walk with him at the beachside. He holds her hand as they walk in silence.

Lexi, Can I pick you up for dinner tomorrow?” He asks as he turns her to face him.

“What about your friend?” She just couldn’t help but ask.

“Trish? She is just a friend. Don’t tell me you’re jealous” he said with a grin on his face.

“Why would I be? Just a little curious”. She felt herself blushing again, how happy she was that he was totally available.

“I believe she interrupted something yesterday” he said as he touched her hair”.

Her heart almost jumped into her tummy, and as his hands brushed across her temple she let out a breath she hadn’t even realized she was holding.

How much he wanted to bury his hands in her hair again. Slowly he lifted up her face and bent towards her, slowly brushing his lips against her eyes, nose, her neck.

“Stop teasing and kiss me already” she thought in her head.

As if he somehow heard her, slowly he brushed his lips on hers kissing her lightly, wanting to savor her taste. She welcomed his kiss and kissed him back raising her hands to his neck and clinging to him, molding her body into his.

Slowly he deepened the kiss and as she traced her hands down his back, a shiver ran down his spine making him lose himself in her. His lips were much more than she ever imagined, and she never wanted this night to end. She let out a moan, and he knew he had to break the kiss or he wouldn’t be accountable for what happens next.

Slowly he broke the kiss but still held on to her, more to regain his senses. She had an effect on him that no one has ever had. She was lost in her world, holding on to him with her head on his chest. She felt this tight feeling in her chest, “silly me, how could I fall for him”. She knew she had always liked him, and right now she was ready for whatever he was ready for, no pressure.

Looking up at him, she smiled. He smiled back, bent and kissed her lightly again.

Minutes later he walked her back to Meg and Ryan, and said his goodbyes.

“See you tomorrow Lexi” he said and left to find Jordan.

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29 thoughts on “LEXI; 3rd Episode

  1. i’m drowning here… This is captivating, and the episodes should be longer, next week seems so far for the next episode. can’t wait…. love it. kudos babe

  2. …”She let a breath she didn’t realise she was holding”… I like. Very nice. I think at this point, you should add little ups and downs. Its becoming all too fairy-tale-like

  3. Amazing piece Neala. M still waiting for d dream to come through. While at it … Lol. Really nice.

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