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LEXI; 4th Episode

Lexi woke up the next morning with the memory of last night’s kiss. She was happy but didn’t want to get too happy; seeing as it seems things go wrong when you get too happy and comfortable. Standing up from the bed, she walks to the kitchen, and sees Meg is already awake.

“Look who is up already” said Meg smiling.

“I couldn’t really sleep, I kept on tossing around on my bed” said Lexi grinning.

“How could you? After the intense moment you both shared last night”.

“I can’t wait to see him today. About our dinner tonight; I don’t think I have the perfect outfit” said Lexi wrinkling her nose in her customary manner when she worries.

“I’m sure you do. Let’s go check” said Meg dragging Lexi along.

Meg goes through Lexi’s closet and picks a perfect gown; something that screams sexy, reserved but bold in red.

“Men have a thing for ladies in red. This should be perfect” said Meg holding out the gown.

It was a full length tubed gown, slim around the waist and straight to the ankles with a slit running from her left ankle up to the middle of her thigh; just the right cloth to accentuate her curves.

Lexi smiled as she thought of the effect this would have on Coby. “Just perfect” she said to herself.

Hours later she pulls up at the arena for their daily training. On her way in, she sees Coby talking with Jordan and smiles as she walks up to them. He sensed her presence before he saw her and turned towards her with a smile on his face.

“Hi Doc” says Jordan as he walked towards the locker room.

“Missed me?” Asked Coby as he brushed his hands across her cheek.

“Just a little bit” she replied laughing and scattering his hair. He lifts her up and kisses her as she wraps her hands and legs around him.

“I could get used to being lifted and kissed like this” she says smiling, then kisses him again.

“Believe me, there’s a lot I could show you that you would want to get used to” Coby said winking at her.

She blushed instantly and jabs a finger on his chest playfully.

“Hi Doc, any training today?” She heard one of the teammates ask and struggles to get down on her feet.
Laughing and trying to act casual she gets them ready to start training.

Few hours later, Coby is called out of training and he walks towards the locker room. As he entered he saw Dave his agent obviously waiting for him.

“What’s so important you had to call me out of training?” Asked Coby leaning against a locker.

“Have you seen todays news?” He asked pacing frantically.

“I’m too busy for that. Why are you asking?

“You and Lexi are all over the news”.

He didn’t even realize the paparazzi were there yesterday.
“Yeah, so?” He asked.

Lexi was already curious about what was keeping Coby and decided to go find him. On approaching the locker room she heard voices and paused.

“Do you know how to make sure your career has no glitch? You avoid this kind of publicity”.

“I’m sure it won’t hurt” said Coby

“Damn it! She’s your teams physiotherapist. If this goes sour, it won’t only be bad for you but for the team. Do you even have a plan for the both of you?”

Of course he didn’t. He hadn’t even thought of that; didn’t think he needed to.

“I’m not sure. I haven’t given any thought to this. It’s just what it is”.

“Let me rephrase the question; are you ready for commitment Coby?”

“I don’t know Dave. I’m not ready yet but we just ran into each other once, not like we are on the news daily. What’s the fuss about?”

She had so much hoped he would give the right answer but of course she already knew he won’t. What was she thinking? He’d fall in love and live happily ever after with her? So stupid of her.

“She is not one of those random models you have fun with; until you get tired of her and move on to the next. If it ends badly, it might destroy both your career and hers”.

“So what exactly are you saying?” Asked Coby.

“You need to break it off”.

Here she is, already half in love with him and he didn’t even have anything to say about what they have. Her legs felt weak, too heavy to carry her; she felt a sharp pain in her chest and it made her feel light headed. With all the strength she could muster, she walked out of the locker room, and back to training.

“That’s going to be difficult Dave. Its not like I’ve actually started anything, so how can I break up something that ain’t even there yet? And I think I really do like her”.

“Don’t be a baby Coby. Break it off with her” with that he left.

Coby was confused but still if this could destroy her career he wouldn’t want that. He had to be sure of what he wants, but right now it will probably be safer to pause things a bit.

On her way to her car after training, Coby ran into her.

“Hey Lex”


“About tonight, I’m sorry I have to cancel”.

“It’s okay. I forgot I had a thing with Meg tonight” she replied trying hard to smile.
“I really have to go now” she said turning to leave.

“Wait” he said holding her back.

Feeling his hands on hers, the pain cut straight to her heart; how much she wanted to be held by those hands. She almost exploded but she willed herself not to. Smiling she turned to look at him.

“I need to talk to you Lex”.

She didn’t want to listen to this and she didn’t have to.

“I really have to go Coby. We will talk tomorrow. Don’t want to keep Meg waiting”. Her composure was almost breaking and she had to leave as soon as possible.

He didn’t want to pressure her so he let her go. She looked so sad it broke his heart, and he wondered what hurt her that much. He shuddered at the thought that he could have easily been the cause of her sadness if he had told her what Dave had suggested. He hated that look on her face but a part of him was happy he wasn’t the cause of it.
Now, thinking of her; the sad lines on her face, he realized he wanted nothing more than to smoothen those lines. To bring back the glow in her eyes that he had gotten used to. To put a smile on her face again, and watch her lips curve up in that sexy way it always does when she smiles. To kiss those lips and run his fingers through her hair.
There was this ache in him and he suddenly realized what it was. He had fallen for her. Dave was right, this wasn’t a lady to rumple the sheets with, she was for keeps. There and then, he vowed to make her his and make sure nothing ever makes her sad again. He never wanted to see that look on her face again.

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23 thoughts on “LEXI; 4th Episode

  1. Probably the most captivating episode yet….It keeps getting more interesting every week and that’s really cool..Am I the only one who thinks coby is having it a lil too easy with lexi? Oh! Well, he is a super star; what can I say….

    1. Haha.. tanks. She has always been in love with him. I never said he loved her, said he has fallen for her. Meaning he has realized he doesn’t wanna lose her and it took him almost losing her to realize dat

  2. Hmmmmm. Lovely. So, where are all the Cobys in Enugu?. A Jordan is right here y’all!. Lol. Read every single line. Nice work Miss Neala.

  3. I feel 4 lexi.. having so mch luv 4 sum1 hu z still tryna figure out his feelings.. can’t wait tu read wah happens nxt!

  4. This story gets too twisted….I don’t get the storyline either…nice writeup but forgive me if my criticism is destructive…

    1. No its not. You can’t read only one episode nd expect to get the storyline. There are 3 others before this. Maybe you can read them nd understand more

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