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LEXI; Final Episode

She woke up the next morning feeling much better and thankful for the aspirin he made her take last night before she slept off. He hadn’t even slept in the same room with her and part of her wished he had. Looking around the room she could tell it was his personal room not a guest room and she was silently thankful he thought to let her sleep there. Stretching, she pulled back the covers and realized she was wearing nothing but a white shirt which was probably his.

Oh my God! She thought. He changed my clothes last night and saw me naked. She blushed crimson and just couldn’t shake the thought out of her head. She wanted to sink back into the bed and call Meg to come rescue her because she wasn’t sure she could face him knowing he’d seen her but pride had her standing up. She walked to the bathroom and fixed herself a shower. Minutes later she put on another shirt as she couldn’t find her clothes and went downstairs to find Coby.

“Hey. You finally decided to wake up. Sleep good?” he asked as she stepped into the kitchen.

“Yeah. Where are my clothes?” she asked casually as she knew by the silly smile on his face that he was aware of the fact that she was wearing nothing under his shirt. She tried not to think of that to avoid blushing. Too late though. She was sure her face was already red.

“I’d rather look at you in my shirt and I’m trying to cook for you so I’m allowed to be selfish” he said as he crossed over to her.

He ran his fingers through her hair and inhaled his shower scent on her and slowly tipped up her face to crush his lips down on hers.

She felt the raw desire in his kiss, in the way his hands wrapped around her waist hugging her to him, letting her feel exactly the effect she had on him. She knew she mirrored that same desire as she couldn’t help but kiss him back with that same raw need. But she couldn’t ignore what she heard that day so with all the strength she could muster she pulled away from him.  

“So what are you cooking? Who knew Coby Reeds could cook?” she asked teasing him.

He just couldn’t understand her sometimes. Steamy one second and totally cool the next. Running his hands through his hair he said “I was thought to always cook for my woman”.

“Never pegged you for someone that listens when told to do something.” She said ignoring the fact that he had referred to her as his woman.

“Oh! You have no idea”.

Minutes later he was done cooking and she was served to a breakfast of pancakes and cream with juice.

“This is good. But you can do better” she said laughing.

“Ouch! I’m hurt” he said laughing and playfully lifted her off her seat and carried her into the living room and sat with her on top of him. She was still laughing as he sat and playfully pulled at his hair then he pulled on hers bringing her face closer to his and kissing her before she could protest. God! He tasted so good but she couldn’t do this.
He felt the instant she became distant and broke the kiss.

“What’s wrong Lex?” he asked studying her carefully.

She got up from his laps and sat beside him on the couch. She told him everything she heard that day and how hurt she was that he only saw her as someone to just have fun with. She admitted she was ready for that and didn’t really mind at first but that hearing him say it made her realize she wanted more.

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I just walked into the conversation”.

“Lex, If you had listened to the whole conversation you would have heard when I told him I liked you and would really want to make it work between us. Though he called me a big baby for that.”

Laughing she brought up her hand to his face and asked “So, do you still want to make it work? Even after I didn’t tell you what I heard and just acted out?”

“Well, let’s see. I think I’d get back to you on that.” He said jokingly trying to look like he was doing some serious thinking.

Laughing she pulled his hair and shifted out of reach so he wouldn’t pull hers. He grabbed her and dragged her back on top of him.

“Yes, Lexi Adams. I want to make it work with you. I want to be yours and you, mine. That means no more seeing the dude at the club. I can be very jealous”.

Laughing she replied, “Don’t worry about Jake. It was Meagan’s plan of making me stop pinning over you”.

“Oh! You were pinning over me. Good to know you suffered as much as I did”.

“Good to know you are as smart off the field as you are on it” she said as she bent and kissed him lightly.

He kissed her again, slowly deepening the kiss and traced the kisses down to her throat then,her shoulders then grazed his teeth across her nipples through the shirt. She gasped and let out a quiet moan.

She didn’t object when his hands moved and slowly unbuttoned the shirt as he kissed her, then slowly slid it off her shoulders. His fingers roamed, wanting to feel her bare skin.
His gaze shifted to the mirror behind her and he watched his fingers take possession, watched her move against him, and saw her shiver when he lowered his mouth to that wonderful curve of neck and shoulder. It was almost ridiculous the way he wanted her.
She managed a sound between a moan and a sigh and ripped his shirt off his body, she wanted to touch him, to feel him against her, skin on skin. The way her mouth moved on his, the way her body perfectly moulded into his, all of his fantasies about the woman of his dreams slowly became her. Only her.

Both of them were naked now to the waist and he managed to carry her up to his bedroom as he wanted to savour every bit of her and not rush any moment.
As they tumbled unto the bed he managed to remove the shirt from her totally and took a moment to look at her.

“You are beautiful” he said as he bent down to kiss her.

She brought up her hands wanting to tug off his jeans but he stilled her hand as he wanted to taste every bit of her first.
He traced kisses all over her body, her neck, shoulders, taking her breasts one after the other and treating them like they were diamonds. Kissed her down to her tummy, her legs, planted kisses on her foot, her thighs and finally on her. She gasped the moment his lips kissed her there, and she couldn’t really control herself as her orgasm shook her from her head right to the tip of her toes.

Wanting to give him as much pleasure as he had given her, she pushed him back and getting on top of him, kissed him with reckless need, lust burning in her eyes. She traced kisses all over him, slowly savouring him as he had, her. She slowly tugged off his shorts and took him in her mouth, bringing him pleasure. Feeling her mouth on him was his undoing and he moaned out her name as his orgasm washed through him.

He pulled her down to him and kissing her, turned her so he was on top of her again, tracing kisses all over her as his desire built up again.

“Now, please” she murmured. And slowly he slid into her pulling her along with him as he moved within her.  

It was so wonderful, and she stopped guessing how it was he knew just where and how to touch her, as if he’d always known. And his body; it was like making love with a dream.

Rolling on top of him, she poured the sheer joy of it into a kiss. She wanted to hold him forever, to steep herself in him, to lose herself. She arched back, savouring, groaning at his hands that slicked up to torture her aching body.

It staggered him, the look of her, and the mane of hair that framed her glowing face. Breath heaved and hitched through her parted lips. He wanted to feed her, feed her to satiation but she increased her rhythm, driving him with her.

Her moans swarmed into him until he couldn’t hold himself any longer. They both exploded at the same time and with one long, glorifying sigh, she slid down and crushed her mouth to his.

They both fell asleep. Moments later she woke up and looking at him she smiled, and kissed him again.

“Who says dreams don’t come true?”                                              THE END!!!!

Hope you enjoyed LEXI as much as I did. Thanks for your time and encouragement. Remember to drop comments.


25 thoughts on “LEXI; Final Episode

  1. Okay, this is quite a surprise! You actually CAN write. Hat’s off to you honey, keep it up.

  2. Beautifully written, we fell in love with Lexi as much as Coby but every good stuff eventually ends. Ready for your next piece, Great job Neala.

  3. a rili gud read- doh i tink d foreplay was kinda quick- more words n more action was needed there. but still not bad @all.

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