Student’s And Bad Choices


Some of you might have heard by now how a student of the University of Nigeria abandoned a baby in the trash yesterday.
A 3rd year student of Public Admin gave birth to a 7 month old baby yesterday and abandoned him clothless near the junk of St Peters church where he was later found dead.
Personally I don’t understand this inhumane act but I can’t judge either. All I can say is, why not abstain instead of putting yourself into a position where you are left with no choice but to take a decision you might later regret?.
She was said to have had a fight with the so called father of her baby after which she decided to get rid of the baby by any means.
She decided on aborting the baby with a hanger and was seen by her hostel hall rep as she begun to bleed excessively. The hall rep didn’t make much of it though until the foetus was found dead later on.
I pray God saves us all and gives us the strength to make right decisions even when it seems very difficult. And may the soul of this baby RIP.


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