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Life As We Know It #3

Christmas was fun as always and soon it was New Year. She was already counting the days before she saw Brad again. He called her every day just as he promised and she missed him more and more. She’d let him talk to Jules once and of course Jules liked him immediately.

It was finally time to go back to school. She had never been happier. She and Brad were now a couple and she was very happy. School seemed to fly, lectures during the day and quiet times with Brad at night. He helped her with her studies too and they studied together sometimes.

It was already mid March and school activities were getting crazier, lectures, sorority and fraternity parties amongst other things. It was soon time for the annual treasure hunt put on by the dorm staffs. The hunt was called ‘The Game’. Every dorm staff with the student officials organized their own treasure hunt and at the end of the day a big party will be held for everyone where the treasures will be unveiled.

Sarah was really excited about it and she just couldn’t wait to see what she would find. Soon it was the day and she woke up feeling very excited. She seemed to float during classes and it was soon over. As she stepped out of the class she bumped into Randy.

“Hello Sarah”

“Randy, hi. Sorry about that, wasn’t looking”

“It’s okay. Where are you off to in such a hurry though?” he asked

“Going back to my dorm. I can’t wait for the hunt to start” she said giggling then laughed when he teased her.

When she laughed, it was as if everything stood still to listen to the sound of her laughter and her eyes shone and almost turned from hazel to amber. She was so pretty, and the curve of her lips; they looked like they were made for laughing, how much he wanted to nibble on them.

“Randy?” she called.

He was lost again. God!

“Sorry. I got carried away. You should laugh more often. See you tonight, and I’d definitely find more treasures than you” he said smiling then turned and walked away.

She was almost too stunned to move. The way he looked at her just now, like he wanted to devour her and it almost aroused her. Especially when he stared at her lips; she knew he thought of kissing her right then and she was thankful he didn’t notice that she blushed a bit. God! What was wrong with her? She likes Brad so why does she feel this way?. She shook the feeling off as she walked back to her dorm.

The hunt was as interesting and fun as she thought it would be. Although she found only one treasure but she was still happy. Randy had found two. Well, he did say he was going to find more than she did. The party was fun too but probably because she was with Brad. Every thing lights up with him around.

They ate, drank and danced a lot; she was having so much fun. Helen was having fun with Jesse too; they seemed to always be together. She danced with Brad, then with Jesse. After the party Brad took her back to her dorm and they necked a bit in his car before she finally went in.

School passed by almost too quickly and the spring quarter was coming to an end. It was early June and they’d just finished their exams. She and Helen were now sophomores and Jesse and Brad were now upperclassmen. Jules might be joining them next session too; she was happy but also sad that she had to spend two months away from Brad.

It was just a day before student’s departure from school. Brad was in his room thinking of Sarah and how much he’d miss her. He’d try and visit her in LA if he could. It would probably be easier than for her to come all the way to New York. He had an uncle in LA though, so he was thinking of staying back for a little while longer before leaving. He was still debating on what to tell his parents was keeping him back when his door opened and looking up he saw Sarah walking in.

“Hey babe. Was just thinking of you” he said as he dragged her down to the bed and kissed her.

“Oh! What were you thinking?” she asked as she kissed him and slightly bit his lower lip.

“Just how much you’d miss me” he said laughing and dodged when she tried to punch him.

“Okay, you caught me” he said laughing. “I was thinking of how much I’d miss you and how 2 months seems so long. So was thinking if you don’t mind I could stay back in LA at my uncle’s place for a while longer.”

“Oh my God. Best news ever” she said as she fell on top of him and kissed him fiercely.

Soon he was kissing her just as much. The way her body was pressed into his just couldn’t let him think rationally. How much he wanted her, but he knew she was a virgin and didn’t want to pressure her because he might just end up pushing her away. She kissed him softly, chasing his tongue with hers and tangled her hands in his hair; how she loved touching his hair.

It was difficult to think, with the way she was kissing him. He drew her closer to him, and now the clothes felt like too much barrier. He wanted to feel her flesh against his, to hear her moan his name and writhe under him. He wanted her hair splayed on his bed as he made sweet love to her. He really needed to end this kiss. He finally managed to break the kiss and took a few minutes to catch his breath. She smiled, knowing she had that effect on him.

“Don’t kiss me like that Sarah; it took every ounce of me to break that kiss. I can’t promise to stop next time”   

“I never wanted you to stop Brad”

“But…” he started saying.

“Shssh! Just kiss me, touch me, and take me”.

His desire for her almost blew him into pieces. She drew him down to her and started kissing him again, this time slowly so she could savour his taste. He kissed her just as sensually then traced his kisses down to her neck, nibbled on her earlobes and she moaned. Suddenly he was up and she opened her eyes to see what happened.

“Just want to lock the door” he said then bent and kissed her again.

She smiled then settled back on the bed. It was probably just a minute but it felt like a million years before he came back to her.

“I want to touch your skin” he whispered coarsely to her then quietly removed her clothes.

He traced his tongue along where his fingers had been and kissed her all over. He wanted to taste every bit of her. He kissed her neck, her shoulder, her temple; and it throbbed beneath his tongue. He touched her breasts, cupping it slightly even as he bent and tweaked the nipple with his tongue. She let out a moan, they had made out before but never like this. The way he kissed and touched her now, she never wanted that to end. Slowly he kissed her tummy, her navel, her thighs, tracing his tongue down to her feet and kissed her toes one by one.

Sarah thought she was going to die with desire, every part of her had lit up and every part of her wanted Brad’s attention. Who knew toes were so sensual? He kissed her legs and her thighs again, and finally the part that throbbed for him the most.

“Oh! Brad” she said his name in what sounded like a breath. She held on to the sheets even as he drove her to her first peak. She called out his name again as she climaxed. He slowly rose and sought her lips again, his mouth teased, brushed and lifted until she breathed him and completely opened up in a state of mindless pleasure. He slipped in one finger into her, then another as he got her ready for him.

“I won’t hurt you baby” he whispered against her ears as he grabbed a condom then slowly slid into her, her body slowly accommodating him as he stretched her.

“It will hurt just this once babe and tell me if you want me to stop” though he doubted if he could stop.

With that he pushed into her and she cried out as the pain seared through her but even as he moved within her, the pain turned to pleasure and she was soon rising to meet his thrusts. Her body was pressed to his with him inside her and he wanted to remain still to savor the moment but another instinct-driven part of him urged him to keep moving.

Slowly he drove her to the release she had come to anticipate again and this time her world came apart. Sensation and tension from every extremity of her body surging, together, crashing through her in waves after waves that was so sweet, so hot; like nothing she’d ever known before.

He could barely stop his as she shuddered under him and came apart moaning his name. He lay down beside her and drawing her closer to him kissed her lightly.

Slowly he pushed up to his elbows and looked along the length of her. And damn! He’d never seen anything so sexy. Her silk of long blonde hair hung in a sexy tumble across her face. Her eyes all bedroom, slumberous and sated. Her lips slightly parted and kiss swollen in a way that had him fighting off certain depraved impulses. And because he couldn’t resist he bent and kissed her slowly.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked

“You didn’t. Ummm! I didn’t really know what to do, I hope you enjoyed it too?” she asked blushing lightly.

Didn’t she see the effect she had on him? He was surprised she even had to ask.

“You were perfect” he said and kissed her again.

They slept off in each other’s arms. Brad woke up some hours later and as he opened his eyes he saw Sarah in his arms and smiled. He dressed up, dropped a note for her and left. Sarah was already awake when he came back.

“Look who is awake” he said then bent down and kissed her.

“What did you get? I’m starving”.

He handed the paper bag containing her food to her.

“I’m going to take you out on a real dinner soon, with candle lights and all.” He told her as they ate.

“I don’t really care about where we eat babe, as long as I’m with you. So have you told your parents you are staying back in LA for a few days?”

“I’ll tell them tonight. I got distracted by this hazel eyed beauty”.

“Who knew you could be distracted?” she asked laughing.

After they finished their food, they hung out a bit more before Brad drove her back to her dorm.

“Goodnight babe” he kissed her when they got to the door.

She had her bath and got into bed. She slept so peacefully that night knowing Brad will be staying back.


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