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Life As We Know It #4

Finally it was Friday and students soon started vacating the school premises. Around noon, they left school headed towards LA. They stopped to eat when they got into town and after eating Brad drove off to his uncle’s house and Sarah to Helen’s house to drop her off before finally going home.

Sarah had told Jules that Brad was in town and she was dying to meet him. She managed to convince Sarah that they should go to the beach the next day and invite Brad and Helen. She couldn’t even manage to hide her excitement on Saturday morning at breakfast.

“Why are you so happy?” Candace their mum asked

“It’s nothing mom. Except that I finally get to see Brad, Sarah said he is town. He stayed back because he didn’t want to miss her. That’s so romantic”. She said giggling.

“You’d think it was your own boyfriend in town” Candace replied and they all laughed.

Turning to Sarah she added “Well; I’d like to meet him too. Invite him over to dinner tomorrow. Ryan should be back by then and your dad will be around too”.

“I thought you’d never ask” Sarah said standing to kiss her mom’s cheek.

“Thanks mom” she added as she took her plates to the kitchen.

They headed to Santa Monica beach around noon. Helen was there already and Brad showed up just few minutes later. They all had fun and Jules thought Brad was really nice and seemed to really care for her sister. It showed in the way he looked at her when Sarah was unaware and the casual way he always held her as if to send a signal that she was his. She had rooted for Randy but her sister got someone who was almost as hot and nice as Randy and she seemed happy; really happy. So she was happy for them.

They had so much fun at the beach and Jules felt like she had always known Brad, he was just so easy to stay with. Sarah was happy that her sister and Brad hit it off. She hoped Ryan and her parents will like him too.

“My parents want to meet you. My mum asked me to invite you to dinner tomorrow. My brother will be back from Berkeley too. I hope it’s not too soon”. She asked him as they walked around the beach.

“It’s okay Sarah. I’d love to meet them”. He said and smiled when he saw her let out a breath of relief. It was funny she thought he might be put off by asking him to meet her parents. He slowly drew her closer and kissed her.

“I can’t wait to touch you again babe. I miss your skin against mine” he said and kissed her on her forehead.

“I want you too Brad. Do you think we should ditch them and go somewhere?” she asked blushing.

Laughing he kissed her and nodded. “I don’t want your sister getting worried. We better get back to them”.
They met up with others. They soon left after sometime and Brad promised to come over the next day.

Sunday passed in a blur and soon it was evening. Ryan had come back earlier that day. Brad arrived at seven with flowers for her mom. Candace liked him immediately; she loved flowers. She told Sarah to give Brad a tour of the house.

“She likes you” Sarah beamed.

He soon met Ryan and they hit it off. Ryan liked anyone that loved video games and basketball. Only her dad seemed not to like him so easily because during dinner he just kept asking him questions. She really hoped her dad gets to like him.

She was happy but sad too because everyone seemed to have his attention except her. Almost as if he heard her thoughts, he squeezed her hands under the table and when she looked up at him he smiled at her. She smiled back and chided herself for being jealous of her family.

After dinner, Brad went to play games with Ryan and she helped Jules clear the table.

“How did you meet my sister?” Ryan asked as they played video games.

“At her sorority party last year”

“When did you decide you liked her because I know you both just started dating this year” Ryan asked.

“I think I liked her almost immediately but I had to take my time so I won’t mess things up. You know how it is with girls; you approach them immediately they conclude you just want to sleep with them” said Brad

“Yeah; I guess. But I’m guessing it crossed your mind?”

Brad glanced at Ryan then answered “I think it crosses every guy’s mind. Look; I really like her and I will never push her to do anything she doesn’t want to do”

“You better not” was all Ryan said and they continued with their game.

Sarah soon came for Brad when she was done. “Hey” she said as she stepped into Ryan’s room.

“Ryan mind if I steal Brad?”

“No, go ahead”.

Brad stood and followed her to her room. Closing the door behind her she drew him to her and kissed him with such urgency that stunned him.

“Mmm!” he murmured against her lips. “Someone miss me?”

She kept on kissing him, slowly teasing him with her hands. As much as he wanted to continue this he knew he had to stop her. He couldn’t risk Ryan walking in on them after the conversation they just had. Slowly he broke the kiss.

Jules came in almost immediately and he was silently relieved because he wasn’t sure he would have been able to keep his hands off her. “There you are” she said then plopped down on the bed oblivious to what was happening and chatted away.

They were soon drawn into the conversation and forgot all about the turmoil going on inside them. It was soon time for Brad to leave. He thanked her parents for dinner, bid his farewell to everyone and Sarah walked him to his car.

“I had fun tonight. Thanks for inviting me” he said and kissed her again.

“Goodnight babe” he got into his car and drove off.

The week seemed to pass by so quickly. They all had so much fun; surfing at Malibu beach, going to the movies, playing video games or just goofing around. It was soon time for Brad to go home so they planned to go to Palm Springs the next day and stay for a couple of days. Ryan, Helen, Jules and Ryan’s friend Mack were all going too.

The day finally came and she couldn’t wait to finally be alone with Brad. Ryan was riding with Mack and Jules. She would be riding with Brad and Helen. She went to pick up Brad from his uncle’s house. His uncle answered the door for her and kept her busy as she waited for Brad to come downstairs. Sarah had met him before and he was nice, she didn’t mind talking with him. He was funny too, and she always had a good laugh around him. Brad soon came down and they left, picking up Helen on their way.

They were staying at the Oasis Resort. The place looked so lovely and she was awed. There was a fountain with statues form where the water gushed from, palm trees almost at every corner, and flowers; pretty flowers seemed to be everywhere. When they got to their suite, she could see other parts of the resort through their window and it was beautiful. The pool seemed to be beckoning on her to come for a swim.

She felt Brad behind her as he touched her hair, shifted it from her neck then bent down and trailed light kisses on her neck. She tried to turn and face him but the way he held her made that impossible. He kept on kissing her neck, then her temple before nibbling on her earlobe. Her legs were weak and she thought her legs might fail her. He finally turned her around and kissed the top of her eyes then her nose before finally kissing her lips as he dragged her to him.

He wanted to feel her in every way possible and she wanted to feel him too. Suddenly the clothes became too much of a barrier for them and each tore at the other’s clothing to be able to touch the skin underneath and to feel the other’s body. He took her the bed and lightly placed her on it as he lay down on top of her. He kissed her throat and as he bent to unclasp her bra hook she pushed him back on the bed and came on top of him.

“Today, it’s all about you baby” she said in a voice that sounded more like a whisper then bit him lightly on his lips. She moaned! Or was that him?

She kissed him then trailed kisses down his throat, to his chest, his navel and slowly pulled down his shorts. She wanted to pleasure him as much as he did to her the last time. She didn’t really know what she was doing but she trusted her instinct to guide her. He knew she wasn’t sure of what she was doing but the fact that she even tried pleased and warmed him. And the way her fingers felt on his skin, he was literally burning up. She slowly kissed her way down and soon had him in her mouth. He held on to her head lightly; she slowly worked up a rhythm and soon he was moving to her rhythm. She felt so good, wrapped around him like that and he was beyond ecstasy. He warned her that he would soon explode but she didn’t stop instead she continued, letting him know it was okay to let go in her mouth. That was enough to send him over the edge and it had never hit him before as it did now.

“Sarah” he moaned her name as he climaxed like never before. Slowly she reached up and kissed him. She was happy that she could do that to him. “My turn” she whispered in his ear.

Laughing he pulled her to him and kissed her fiercely. He traced his kisses down her throat then to her neck to the spot he had come to know was very sensitive. She arched her body under him, seeking for more. He unclasped her bra as he kissed her temple and slowly kissed her breasts, and her nipples which long awaited his attention. He kissed her down to her stomach, her navel then peeled her panties off her. He kissed her thighs then slowly closed his mouth over her. She moaned as his mouth tasted her, and his tongue teased her going in and out of her. She moved up her hips to meet his thrusts as she held his head in place. She could soon feel her orgasm building, starting from her head it made its way down the length of her body and rippled out of her.

“Brad” she moaned his name as she shook under him. He quickly grabbed a condom and entered her just then and she could feel another wave building and as he started moving inside her, it hit her again. She responded to his thrusts and soon they were moving together. He pulled her up so that she sat on him and steadied his hands on her waist. As she rode him, he kissed her wanting to feel every part of her. And just as they felt their orgasms building again, they held on to each other and crashed over the cliff together when it overcame them. She collapsed on top of him as she tried to catch her breath.

“I’ll miss you when you leave” she said.

“I’ll miss you so much too babe, but don’t think about that yet. Let’s spend the time we have together happy. Plenty time to be sad later” he said tickling her.

She laughed and sat up to hit him with a pillow. They played around a bit then got ready to meet the others for dinner.

The days passed by so quickly for Sarah but she had so much fun. They all had fun. They visited Knott’s soak city, mount San Jacinto state park, the Palm Springs air museum, living desert zoo and gardens. They even got to watch the fabulous Palm Springs follies which showed at the plaza theatre. They were all sad when it was time to leave. Brad had dinner with Sarah’s family again a day before he left and they were all sad he was leaving. Sarah and Ryan drove him to the airport the next day and he promised to call when he got to New York.


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  1. hmmmmmm, awaiting d next episode. sincerely wish diz masterpiece will be completed, published and I finally get to ve it in my library

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