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Life As We Know It #7

  The autumn quarters soon resumed in late September and Jules was happy to be back to school because she didn’t see much of Sarah during the holidays.

She came back to San Francisco early and spent some days with Sarah and Brad before they both went back to school. She loved their house, it was everything Sarah said it was and more but most especially she was happy for the both of them.   

School soon resumed fully; with Sarah, Helen, Randy in their final class and Jules in upper class. Although Brad was no longer around, Sarah was determined to have fun this being her final year in school. She spent as much time as she could with Jules and visited Brad over the weekends.

Randy knew he was still in love with Sarah.. Or was he? He didn’t even get moody about her anymore, almost as if he has finally accepted her as a friend but he was suddenly so protective of Jules. He kept telling himself it was the big brother instinct because they always spend time together. He didn’t even know when it started, all he knew was that he just wanted to kill his friends when they went on and on about how beautiful and sexy Jules was. He really literally wanted to kill them.

And to make it worse, she had to go and get a boyfriend. Normally he wouldn’t even care, but he just sees less of her these days. He realized he misses her. But you can miss your friend can’t you? And why would she even be having a boyfriend, she had all of them so what did she need a boyfriend for? God he sounded whiny.

He stood up and grabbed a shirt, suddenly deciding he needed some fresh air. As he opened his door and rushed out he almost collided with Jules.

“Hey, slow down. Where’s the fire at?”

“Sorry about that. What are you doing here?” he eyed her curiously wondering if his mind had somehow conjured her up right to his doorstep.

“Good to see you too. I believe today is our movie night” she said as she pushed past him and entered the room.  

“I thought you were on a date with what’s his name?”

“His name is Dylan, you keep forgetting. Decided to end my date early” she replied as she sorted through the movies he had. “You have snacks right?”

“Why did you end the date early? Did he try something stupid? Told you he was no good for you. I’m so going to kill him”.

“Easy tiger. No killing anyone on my account. And really, stop playing big bro, doesn’t look good on you”.

“Why are you dressed like that?”

She was bent over on his bed then looking at movies and he just happened to be treated to the view of how her hips filled out her leather pants.

She straightened and turned to look at him raising an eyebrow at him. She was beautiful. He didn’t know when he had begun to notice but now he just couldn’t think of anything else. She was wearing a white crop top which showed off her tanned skin with the black leather pants. The contrast making her skin glow all the more. Did she always have those full boobs and did her hips and ass always fill out clothes that way?

Her hair, she pulled back in a ponytail. It was a fiery maroon red in contrast to her sister’s strawberry blonde. Her hair color made her green eyes shine like crystals and her cheek bones accentuated her lips so that they looked like they were made just for kissing.

And she was pouting it right now looking at him probably wondering what is wrong with him. God, he was going mad. He groaned as he walked into the room picked up another shirt and threw it at her. She cocked her eyebrow at him in question.

“Just put it on. You’ll get cold or something”.

He was definitely acting weird but she graciously put it on and didn’t ask what was wrong but he missed the smug smile on her face. In a bit, they soon got over the awkwardness and had fun just as always.

On Monday after classes he met up with Sarah and Helen.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“I’m good. What you up to?”

“Was thinking of checking on Jules. Haven’t seen her all weekend after Friday”

“Oh. I think she was mostly with Dylan, didn’t see much of her either”.

“How well does she even know that guy? She seems to be spending a lot of time with him”.

Amused, Sarah and Helen exchanged looks.

“Well, you’d have to ask her. We really have to go now, talk to you later Randy”.

After he left Helen started her rants. “Lover boy can’t have you and now he wants Jules?”

“That’s real cute and mature Helen. They are practically best friends, he is just worried”.

Sarah have been having problems with Brad and Jules silently wished that they work out their differences. She really liked Brad.

Just before the annual Christmas party, Sarah and Brad seemed to have settled their differences. Brad came around and they all went out to have fun together like they do every Christmas when he was still in school. They all later ended up in Brad’s house and somewhere along the fun, it turned into a bitter argument between Sarah and Brad.

He dragged her to their room so they could talk privately and naturally the others followed to eavesdrop.

“Sarah, we talked about this. I told you I needed some years to face my career and build it to where I want it to be before we start thinking of marriage”.

“Some years you said, I assumed you meant two years or three at most. Here you are, telling me to wait five more years before we start thinking about marriage. I’m I supposed to get married when I’m old?. Tell me, what exactly are you scared of? You scared of being with one woman all your life? Being tied down?”

“Stop being dramatic. You know I love you”. Brad said casually

“Do you? We keep arguing about this same thing over and over again and you keep pushing it forward. I’m tired of all this. I can’t put my life on hold for you because you are scared of a lifetime commitment or because you want to become very successful first. I love you just the way you are but that’s clearly not enough for you. I’m leaving and don’t even bother coming for me”.

“I always knew it was coming down to this. All of a sudden you keep finding faults with everything I do. You are seeing someone else right? And you are just looking for an opportunity to ……”She slapped him then burst into tears.

“I hate you and don’t ever want to see you. Will send for my things later”. She picked up her already packed bags and left the room.

When she came downstairs, everyone was pretending to be busy doing one thing or the other and she realized they must have heard them and embarrassment washed all over her.

“I’m sorry about that… “ she began but couldn’t stop crying.

“It’s okay” Jules rushed to her. “Let’s go”.

A week later they were already back home on Christmas break and Sarah was gradually getting over Brad, she would still mope around from time to time and cry herself to sleep sometimes but other than that she was okay.

Jules walked into Sarah’s room one morning and heard her laughing so heartily. It was almost like a morning ritual and this morning she decided she just had to find out what it was all about.

“Hey you” she called out as she entered the room.

“Hey” replied Sarah looking up from her phone.

“I want to believe you haven’t gone mad so what makes you laugh every morning.”

“Oh; it’s Randy. He sends me this text messages every morning that are meant to make me smile and forget about Brad.”

“Oh, Randy. I suppose there is no time to be wasted: after all, his dream has finally come true. You being single and actually noticing him”.

“Don’t be such a kill joy. Randy is a great guy, I seem to recall you were once pushing me towards him. Plus you all keep saying I should get over Brad, he might just be the right distraction. Now help me decide what I’m wearing for our dinner tonight”.

“You are going on a dinner date with Randy tonight?”

“I believe I just said so. Is anything wrong?”

“No, nothing at all. Wear whatever, you look great in everything. Have to go get ready for my own dinner date with Dylan.”

At the door she turned and added “I really hope he isn’t just a rebound Sarah. Randy is a really nice guy, don’t hurt him more than you already have all this years.”

With that she left the room and didn’t see Sarah’s smile.     

Sarah and Randy were having their dinner at the Patina restaurant in Grand Avenue. The cuisine was perfect and the service was awesome.

“I love it here, the food never leaves your taste buds wanting.”

“I’m glad you do, Jules once mentioned to me it was your favourite restaurant. How is she though?”

“How is who?” she asked as she sipped her wine.


“Oh. She is fine, on a date with Dylan I presume”.

“She is still seeing that Dylan? I wonder where they are”.

Sarah studied him closely wondering why he would be worried about Jules and her date. Just as she was about to speak she saw Jules and Dylan walk into the restaurant and it seemed as if Jules spotted her too because they were walking towards their table.

“I suppose that answers your question” she said casually gesturing towards them.

“Sarah, Randy, who knew you would both be here.” Jules greeted.

“Well, considering someone told someone else that this was my favourite restaurant, I think the answer is pretty obvious” she said smiling back. “Hi Dylan”

“Hi Sarah, Jules said the food here was amazing. Is it?”

“Oh, did she now? Why don’t you join us please” said Randy as he officially introduced himself.

By the time they were through with the main course Randy had asked Dylan almost every possible question and he wasn’t even about to stop.

“So tell me Dylan, what exactly are your plans for Jules?” he asked as he relaxed into his seat sipping his wine.

“Excuse me?” choked Dylan on his food.

“I’m sorry. Here take this. You don’t have to answer him” said Jules as she passed over his wine.

“What is wrong with you Randy? I thought we just came here to eat, please stop questioning him, allow him to eat”. Scolded Sarah

“I’m just being a concerned friend, that’s all”.

“Yeah right” Sarah muttered under her breath. “I want to go home now please”.

They said their farewells and left. Randy apologized on their way home and she waved it off, that it was normal to be concerned about friends.

The next morning, Jules was already in Sarah’s room and of course she had gotten her morning text as always because she was laughing when she walked in.

“Thanks for ruining my dinner last night” she said as Jules entered her room.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t know things would take a turn for the worse” she sighed as she sat on the bed.

“You knew we would be there so why did you come? I’m I missing something Jules? Are you in love with Randy?”

Jules blushed crimson and jumped to her feet immediately. “Of course not, it merely skipped my mind. I love it there too you know. I just came to apologize, see you later”. With that she hurried out of her sisters’ room.

“Don’t be in such a hurry Jules. How was dinner with Dylan?” She breathed a sigh of relief as she walked back into the room.

They talked at length about their dates and Sarah divulged that Randy had kissed her when he brought her back home. She pretended not to notice that Jules actually flinched at that.


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