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Life As We Know It #9

 The holidays were fun for everyone, Randy and Jules couldn’t seem to get enough of each other and when teased about it they said they had a lot to catch up on.

Brad went home for the New Year celebrations and Sarah missed him as always.    

It was soon time for the spring quarters to resume; this was Sarah’s, Randy’s and Helen’s last term in school and they were all excited.

They didn’t have much free time anymore as they all had plans to make ahead of graduation and also the preparation for their bar exams.

Sarah applied for firms in San Francisco and just before her bar exam, three firms shortlisted her for an interview if she aces her exam.    

In March they wrote their bar exam and were anticipating the result. Randy applied for firms in Los Angeles and Helen in San Francisco; she planned to move after graduation and they had both been shortlisted also. Two firms had shortlisted both Helen and Sarah and they both hoped to get to work at the same firm.  

School went on as usual and Jules saw less and less of them except at nights when she saw Randy, but she didn’t really mind because she wasn’t losing them or anything.   

In mid March, the results came out and they all passed. They were all very happy and kept preparing for their final exams in June prior to their graduation. Time flew by almost too quickly and it was soon June, they were done with their exams and days later the results were out; they were all graduating.

Sarah was the class valedictorian and her parents were so proud of her. Helen and Randy had also graduated with honours.   

The graduation day was in early July, Sarah’s parents and siblings were there, also Brad’s mum and sister. Sarah gave the graduation speech as the class valedictorian. All parents present were proud of their kids and the graduate students were all eager to face a new chapter of their life.

Sarah and Helen had decided to throw their graduation party together since they both had the same friends. The party was held at the Mandarin Oriental hotel San Francisco, both family and friends were present. The drinks and food were more than enough to feed an entire army and they all danced till their feet hurt. Jules left sometime in the middle of the party to go be at Randy’s party which was at the Ritz Carlton. Everyone had fun and was almost passed out by midnight.

Sarah and Brad’s family had breakfast at the Mandarin Orientals hotel the next morning as they had lodged in the hotel for the night.   
“So when are you coming home?” asked her dad during breakfast.

“Dad” she chided as she glanced over at Brad who seemed not to have heard the question, or maybe he did but pretended otherwise.

“I think he means what’s next” said Candace, her mum.

“I have three interviews here in San Francisco next week and I’m hoping to be offered a job by one of the firms if not all’ she said grinning.

“I’m sure you will dear, so proud of you” said Tara, Brad’s mum.

“Thanks” she said smiling shyly.

They finished the rest of their breakfast in silence and her dad and Ryan left for Los Angeles later that morning. Tara, Callie, Candace and Jules stayed back as they wanted to see Brad and Sarah’s home.

They spent a lot of time together that day and though Brad felt like he was cheated into having four women around he still had fun. Tara and Callie flew back to New York the next day and Candace and Jules back to Los Angeles.

When they got back home from the airport, Brad kissed her just as they pulled up in front of their house.

Giggling she asked, “What’s the kiss for?”

“I finally have you to myself, I thought they will never leave” grinning he crossed over to her door opened it and scooped her into his arms.

Wrapping her hands around him she asked “what are you up to?”

“Going to show you how proud I am of you” then he kissed her again as he stepped into the house and put her down on the sofa.

“I think I’m going to like this best” she whispered as she bit his earlobe.

“That’s the idea” he said and bent down to kiss her again.  


The days flew by and Sarah was anxiously waiting to know if she got the job or not. Helen had come over and was using their mother in law apartment. She was grateful for her presence because Brad always left in the morning and came back late most times and also because she didn’t have to think so much about her interviews with her around.

Precisely four days after their last interview, they decided to give themselves a treat to let go of all the stress.

They went to the spa where they got a massage and other beauty procedures. They visited the salon for their hair and nails. Sarah’s strawberry blonde hair was full and curly and she decided to straighten it and cut the front into bangs. The result was breathtaking.

They later ended up having late lunch at the Boulevard restaurant in 1st Mission street San Francisco. From there they went shopping for lingerie, corsets and dress up costumes, she wanted to give Brad a treat later that night.

On their way home, they stopped at the supermarket for groceries since she decided her treat would include a home cooked meal. She decided on Asian glazed marinated chicken thighs served with green salad as the main dish and chocolate truffle cake as the dessert.

Brad got home around seven that night and Helen made herself scarce. Sarah opened the door wearing one of the new lingerie she bought earlier that day. It was a white lingerie getup with red garters hooked to her legs from the waist. She had on slight makeup and poured her hair; he likes it free so he can run his hands through them.

He was breathless when he opened the door, he couldn’t have wished for a better sight and he almost grabbed her then but she held out a hand to stop him smiling mischievously.

“Oh, she wanted to play games”. He thought to himself smiling.

She led him to the dining where she had already displayed the food she cooked on the table with plates and a bottle of champagne waiting for him. Could this night get any better he asked himself?

“Not that I’m complaining, but what are we celebrating?” he asked her.

“You, me, love” she said as she crossed over to him, kissed him lightly but withdrew just before he could drag her closer.

“Eat” she said as she sat down.

They ate and talked about their day, and he asked if she had heard from the firms that interviewed her to which she said no and he assured her she would, soon. When they finished with the main dish, he helped her carry the plates into the kitchen and she served the desert.

“I think I’ve had enough of food” he said as she served the chocolate truffles and scooped her into his arms aiming for the stairs.

Laughing she grabbed the wine and let herself be carried. When they got to the room, he put her down on the bed, tore away at his shirt, removed his shoes and climbed into the bed beside her. He collected the wine and dropped it on the bed stand.

She undid his belt buckle, popped the button open and pulled down the zipper tugging his trousers’ past his hips. He pulled it off and grabbed his shirt using it to tie her hands together over her head; he didn’t want her touching him just yet.

Tilting her head to the side, he traced a vein with his tongue then bit her slowly, her breath hissed as he teased her with his tongue. He trailed the kisses down to her breasts as he undid the clasp taking her into his mouth. Her breasts were soon swollen from his avid attention, her nipples erect and she arched her back asking for more.

She managed to wrap her legs around him and drew him down to kiss him; there was nothing tentative about her kiss. She unleashed every bit of sexual need in a voracious and ravenous mix, pouring all her hunger, want and need into him. Brad took it all and returned her passion tenfold, then abruptly broke the kiss.

“Easy” he whispered, “I want to drag this out as long as possible”.

He trailed kisses down to her navel, then her thighs, he unhooked the garters at the waist and pulled down her panties. He kissed her toes, her legs, her thighs then finally kissed her where she yearned for him the most.

She moaned and murmured some incoherent things she didn’t even know. He loved when he reduced her to monosyllabic incoherent words. He slid in two fingers inside her as he kept torturing her with his tongue and that was her undoing as her orgasm surged through her leaving her breathless.

“Untie me please” she said when she found her breath again. “I want to touch you”.

“Not yet” said Brad.

As he leaned back and looked down at her, his entire body turned more rigid, if that was possible.  

“Aw, Christ!!” he glanced down at her briefly then leaned down to kiss her slightly.

“You are beautiful. I – there are no words. I look at you and it hurts, my chest gets tight and my heart feels like it’s in my throat”.

Her own heart clenched and she was sure it would splinter into a million pieces at any moment.

“You are so amazing and stunning and incredible, way more than I deserve. I look at you and I can hardly breathe”.

“W-what?” thick with emotion her voice cracked. What was he saying?

“You are beyond beautiful Sarah, and I love you so damn much”. Brad kissed away the tears she hadn’t even realised streamed down her cheeks.

His lips closed over hers in a tender, reverent kiss that quickly turned into a burning hot seduction. His body moulded to hers from lips to hips and she became lost in the consuming wrath of his kiss. He reached down to grasp her hips, and his hard length pressed between her.

“I love you so much Brad but I need to touch you, please untie me” she breathed against his lips.

He untied her then. She wrapped her hands around his and drew him down to another bout of kisses, lips parted, tongues surged. He captured her soft moan from her mouth and drew the sound into his body while their tongues tangled, searched, tasted. Intense desire coursed through them, burning out of control. Their bodies pressed together but they couldn’t get close enough.

“I need…” she cried out then sucked on his tongue with insistent pulls showing him without words just what she wanted. What they both had to have right now or go insane.

“Now” she said again pulling at his boxers.

Brad lifted her until he pressed against her prepared to thrust forward and fill her. Once he was buried deep inside her, he pressed into the curve of her neck, sucking in great gulps of air. She knew he was trying to regain some control which was the last thing she wanted. She flexed her legs and contracted her internal muscles clenching and squeezing all around him.

“Stop, can’t do slow” he muttered under his breath.

“I want hard and fast, now”.

Brad readily met her demands, her head spun and her senses reeled as she tried to take it all in, absorb every detail, burn each touch into her memory. He initiated a steady pace and she soon picked the rhythm, matching thrust for thrust. Primal urges raged through her, she wanted to mark him, to put an indelible brand in the middle of his chest to let everyone know he’d been claimed and belonged to her.

The depth of her love for him was an undeniable compulsion that scared her sometimes. She pushed him down on the bed and got on top of him trying to bring him as much pleasure as he had brought her. He gazed into her hazel eyes and was almost lost in the sea of emotions swimming in them sure that his mirrored the same passion. He soon picked her rhythm and held her hips to guide her on him and soon they were moving in sync. He moaned out her name even as he pulled her down for a kiss feeling her breasts brush against his chest and as he pinched her nipples he felt another orgasm ripple through her.

She collapsed on his chest trying to catch her breath. He turned her over to lie under him as he softly kissed her neck down to her breasts, and then started moving slowly inside her.

“I can’t again” she whispered as she looked at him through eyes that were hazy with satisfaction.

“You can” he said as he steadily increased his rhythm. She didn’t even know she had it in her as her body soon began to respond matching his rhythm, determined to bring him exquisite pleasure. She contracted her internal muscles, squeezing around him as she frantically rose to meet his thrusts. He knew he wouldn’t last long, not with her moving that way. The contraction of her muscles heightened her own stimulation and another orgasm was soon searing hot through her.

“Ah yes” she screamed as the orgasm gathered and burst over her sharp and fast.

She gave herself to the sensations as streaks of lightening exploded behind her eyelids. Brad never slowed or faltered, he powered through her orgasm not allowing it to fade, driving her higher and higher, harder and faster. He thrust a bit more then moaned out her name as he joined her in ecstasy. She felt the heat of his release in her and it quickly dawned on her that in their haste they had forgot to use a condom.

Brad kissed her brows slightly, gathering her to him, completely oblivious of her thoughts.

“I love you” he said then drifted off to sleep.


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