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Life As We Know It #10

A week later, she got a reply from two out of the three firms she interviewed at and they both wanted her to start work as soon as possible.

Helen had moved out of their house as she had gotten her own apartment and she also heard from one of the firms she interviewed at.

Sarah picked the firm that handled more of litigation than settling. Brad decided they had to celebrate that evening. Also, she had news to share with Brad apart from the new job to which she hoped he would be happy about.   

The dinner was at the Biminis twist restaurant in Arch street San Francisco, they served both American and seafood. She had never been here before but she knew it was one of the top best restaurants in San Francisco and wondered if he would still be in such a high festive mood after she shares her news.  

She knew Helen would be present but was surprised when they were taken to their reservation spot and she saw her family and Brad’s family. She was both happy and nervous because the thought of sharing her second news just got more scary.

“What’s going on? I thought this was meant to be a private dinner?” she asked.

“It was but they insisted they wanted to be here for this.” Said Brad.

“For the celebration that I got a job?” she asked confused.

“Yes silly, what else would it be?” he teased and then he kissed her warmly just before they got to the table.

Her mum got up and hugged her, so did Brad’s mum, they all seemed very happy, even her father was grinning and slapping Brad on the back hugging him.

“What’s going on mum?” she asked still not convinced.

“We are just really happy for you dear” she said then kissed her cheek.

Ryan, Jules and Callie were grinning mischievously but they also said the same thing everyone said, they were happy for her.

She decided to relax and have fun then. They soon made their orders. Her father toasted to her success and they drank while waiting for their dinner. She chatted nonstop with Jules as she had missed a lot these past weeks.

Their food soon arrived and as she opened her plate she gasped as she didn’t see food in it but a ring with a glistening diamond stone embedded in green sapphires that shone just like her eyes with the engraving “Mine, always and forever”.

Tears streamed down her cheeks and Brad got down on one knee in front of her.

“You once told me that ‘Every heart sings a song incomplete until another heart whispers back’. I didn’t understand then until I realized that without you I don’t feel complete. Sarah, please do me the honour of being my wife” he asked.

She was fully crying now. “Yes, Yes Brad, always and forever”.

He slipped the ring into her finger then drew her up and kissed her, the whole room erupted into applauds.

“I have another news” she said through tears. “I confirmed it this morning, I’m pregnant” she said and Brad swept her into another hug kissing her, then bent and kissed her tummy.

Everyone was happy for them especially the mothers as they couldn’t wait to see their grandchild.

After dinner Brad took her to the beach side and they sat down looking over the water and the stars.

“Brad, I hope you are not angry about the baby” she started.

“Angry? Why would you think so, I can’t wait to have little you running around the house” he said then kissed her again.

“It could be little you” she said smiling.

“Or both” he said with a cute grin.

“Definitely not” she said then pushed him down on the sand and got on top of him kissing him slightly.

The kiss soon turned more seductive and sensational and before they knew it they were tearing at each other’s clothes seeking the release they were both craving.  

The following weeks were both stressful and fun for Sarah as she had to combine her work and her wedding plans. The wedding was set to be in early September since she was already pregnant so that she wouldn’t be showing too much. She and Brad both joggled work, nuptial classes and dance lessons.

Candace and Tara were both around and shouldered most of the wedding plans, having hired a wedding planner. They took care of the flowers, cake, cuisine and decorations. They had decided the wedding will be in France and had flown out twice to meet with the priest that will conduct the wedding and to finalize arrangements for the wedding.   

Time flew by and it was soon September. The wedding was to be held on the first 5th of September so they flew out to France on the 3rd and lodged at the Hotel Royal Riviera.

On the 4th, they finalized the arrangements and their dance steps. Her bridesmaids were Jules, Helen and Louis while Brad’s grooms men where Ryan, Randy and Dylan. They also went through the cuisine and cakes one more time making sure everything was perfect. The day passed quickly in a blur and by night they had their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Soon it was morning and September the 5th.  Sarah woke up in her room where she had slept with Helen, Jules and Louis and screamed

“It’s my wedding day” laughing and pulling on others urging them awake.

They were all soon wide awake and soon got caught up in her giddiness. She had her bath and a light breakfast and was set to get ready. The makeup artists her mum had paid for had flown in that morning and did a marvellous job with her face, a slight touch of makeup with dark eyes that made her hazel eyes shine even brighter. Her lips just had a little touch of orange nude lipstick and she looked beautiful. Her hair was curled then pulled back in front leaving several stray strands dropping on the back and on the sides.

Her gown was magnificent; it was laced all through, a long sleeve with a V slit at the back all the way from her shoulder to just a little below her hipline. It was a little bit straight at the hips showing off her figure and as it fell down her legs it pooled down at her feet forming a reasonable and not too long train.

 Her mom stepped into the room just as she stood to look at herself.

“Oh my God” she gasped, and then fought hard not to cry. “You look amazing, gorgeous, and beautiful. I don’t even know what word qualifies for how you look right now” she crossed over to her and hugged her tightly.

“I love you so much mum”

“I love you too darling”.

Everyone was dressed and they soon had to leave for the wedding. She hadn’t seen Brad and couldn’t wait to see him. Brad was wondering how Sarah would look in her gown, it was only mere hours since they last saw and he missed her like it was a thousand years. He couldn’t wait to make her his wife and he wouldn’t have any reason to let her out of his sight again.

They were soon at the Les Pres d’Eugenie hotel where the wedding would take place, the priest was already there and he and the others walked down the aisle to wait for the bride.

It felt like a thousand hours but he soon saw Jules walking down the aisle and smiled knowing that Sarah will be out soon. The pianist soon changed the song to ‘Here comes the bride’ and as Sarah stepped out he was breathless.

She was beautiful, he knew she was but today, she looked like an angel, like she just came down from heaven. She smiled at her father as he took her hand and walked her down the aisle. She soon came face to face with Brad and as she looked at him she was thankful that this gorgeous man was soon to be her husband.

The celebrant took their hands and linked it together and asked them to say their personal vows to each other.

“Sarah, darling, you made me come alive the moment I saw you, I never knew that a love like ours was possible but you cleared up my doubts. You are to me all that a woman should be and so much more; for this I dedicate my life to you always and forever”.

“Growing up I always had this fairy tale dream to meet a prince and be swept off to his castle but I got something even better. I got you Brad, your undying love and your heart. A love like yours is rare, it must have been sent from up above and I know you’ll stay this way, always and forever”.

Everyone applauded and some even wiped away tears from their eyes.

The celebrant turned to Brad,

“Will you, Brad Lane, have Sarah Connell to be your wife? Will you love her, comfort and keep her, and forsaking all others remain true to her as long as you both shall live?”

He smiled and said “I will”.

He turned to her and repeated the same thing and once they had both said “I will”, Brad put the ring on her hand and she did the same.

As they put the ring they said “With this ring I thee wed, and all my worldly goods I thee endow, in sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, till death do us part”.

Tara and Candace sniffed at the same time, holding back tears.

The celebrant said “You are now husband and wife, you may kiss the bride”.

Brad pulled the thin net of veil from her face. As he gazed at her, he simply couldn’t believe how radiant and beautiful she looked. His eyes said it all – the love and adoration he had for her.

Then he moved his head towards her, his hands cupped her face.

Sarah said “Your lips are twitching, like what you see?”

Brad laughed, loud and clear that everyone in the hall smiled and wondered what Sarah had said to him.

“Yes I do” he replied and touched his lips to hers.

Everyone stood and applauded, some still fighting back tears. The wedding was grand and was to be featured in the top magazines in America and France and would probably be talked about for years.

Their parents had spared nothing for this wedding and they were all delighted. The food and drinks kept flowing. The couple had the first dance, and then the bride danced with her father before others joined in. Sarah danced with Ryan and her friends before Brad reclaimed her for a final dance.

They were soon about to leave for their honeymoon and outside Sarah threw her bouquet but wasn’t even looking to see who caught it.

They got inside the car that would take them to their honeymoon suite at the Hotel Relais Bosquet Paris and turned to wave at the others.

Their room was well designed for their first night as married couples, roses strewn all over the bed, scented candles waiting to be lighted, liquid chocolate and ice cream for indulgence and a whole bunch of white roses he had requested for her.

They had their bath first and fell on the bed together after lighting the candles. He kissed her sensuously, slowly, dragging out little moans from her. They savoured each other, almost wanting to embed each taste in a different part of their brain. They pleasured each other with their tongues, fingers, hands and mouth.

When she was finally ready for him, he entered her and moved softly within her, teasing her with his kisses. They’ve never made love that was this sensual before and it was driving her insane.

Her toes tingled, she felt her whole body quaking with desire, she heard heavenly songs in her head and she almost saw butterflies in the dim candle light. As he moved within her she felt as if she was in another world, held together only by his loving.

The way she touched him and moved beneath him stroking his hair and moaning out his name almost drove him insane. He had never made love like this and he felt his heart would shatter from the pleasure. She was his wife, he almost smiled then if not that the passion building quickly in him didn’t make him want to smile.

Slowly he increased their rhythm and just when she felt they would both pass out from pent up desire and passion they both reached their ecstasy and shaken passed out together.

Their honeymoon was amazing, fun and adventurous. For a week, Brad gave her magic.. from the magnificence of the Notre dame to the intimmacy of dim cafes. He brought her flowers every morning until the suite smelled like a garden. They strolled along the Siene at night, Sarah with her shoes on her hands and the rivers breeze on her cheeks.

They danced in clubs to poorly played American music and dined on glorious food and wine at Maxim’s. They visited the Eiffel tower, the Sainte- Chapelle, the Palais Garnier, the Louvre, the Íle Saint-Louis, the Canal Saint-Martin, the Place de la Bastille, the Bateau Mouche and the National museum of modern art.   

At the end of their one week honeymoon, the night before their departure, they had dinner at the La Tour d’Argent restaurant at 15 Quai de la Tournelle Paris.

After the dinner they decided to walk through the city they have come to love once more and ended up at the Seine River.

Here they wrote there names on a padlock;

“Brad and Sarah Lane; always and forever” and locked it onto one of the bridges amongst several others and threw the key into the river.

They kissed each other passionately and walked around a bit more before going back to their hotel.


6 thoughts on “Life As We Know It #10

  1. it seems to me like d ‘happy ever’ kind of romance, a fairy tale seen mostly in America films… I wish a twist, just a little twist dat could change d entire process would creep in and truly make it ‘life as we know it’. wonderful script though, powerful, striking and yet simple narrative. I envy and appreciates d genius in u @’Charlene Jones

  2. The wedding, the honeymoon, the picture you created is so epic and grand and now all I want is a wedding in Paris. Nice work dear

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