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Charmed #1

It was a bright and sunny day and I could feel it was going to be such a lovely day as I rolled out of bed. It was already but gone where the days I had to be up and running by just because I had to get to work early.

I have been assistant editor in chief at the Mode Magazine Miami, Florida for five years now and the editor in chief was retiring today and would announce the new editor. Now you understand why I am so excited.

I take my time while bathing, soaking in my scented soaps in the bath tub full of warm water, wash my hair before rinsing off and stepping into my room. I quietly dry my hair, careful not to straighten the waves then pack it up in a ponytail. I know no one would see but I still choose my best Victoria secrets lingerie set and put it on for luck. I apply my makeup, very light and sultry with red lipstick. Red just makes you feel edgy and chic.

I open my closet then select a Versace gown, Zanotti shoes and a Louboutin purse. I have to look my best when I’m announced as the new editor in chief.

By 8.30am I’m ready to go and I stand in front of the mirror one last time to assess myself. People say I am very beautiful and most of the time I think I am too. I guess I should describe myself.

I am 5’6ft tall, a little on the chubby side but all in the right places. My ass and hips are probably the most prominent and loud part of my body but for me, my eyes would always be my best feature. I have a flat tummy, cuppable boobs, very pretty eyes like I just mentioned, nice pouty lips and a small nose that is more defined than pointed. So you see, that body coupled with a pretty face, I’m really gorgeous.

I continue to assess myself, my red hair flowing in the ponytail behind me, my hips filling out my gown, my lips sultry in red and my fine legs looking sleek in my shoes. I smile at my reflection feeling satisfied. I spray my perfume and grab the key to my Porsche as I step out of my house.

I get into the car and arrive at the office at exactly I walk in with this aura, feeling like I have a halo above my head. I greet the few people I feel that are important as I walk towards the direction of my office. I walk into my office thinking that very soon I would be moving to a much bigger office where I would have a better view of the city and the ocean.

Few minutes later, the inevitable happens and it’s time for the press conference where the new editor in chief will be announced. We all settle down in the conference room waiting for the soon to be retired editor to come in and start the conference. He soon walks in smiling and everyone stands up but he gestures for us to sit. He starts by commending everyone for their hard work and saying he would definitely miss it here.

“Get on with it” I mutter under my breath. I’m too anxious and can’t wait for the announcement to be made.

“Finally, for the announcement we have all been waiting for, the new editor in chief of Mode magazine…” He begins

I smile and I’m about to stand up when I realize the name he mentioned isn’t mine.

“My grandson, Brandon James”. Everyone stands and claps as he enters the room.

“The bastard. After all the years and time I put into this job”. I try my best to smile and stand to take a look at the so called grandson. I already hated him without knowing him. That is, until I saw him.

The world seemed to standstill the moment I set my eyes on him. He was like a demi god, a handsome well defined and chiseled demi god. He was at least 6ft, slim, blonde hair just a little bit curly and slicked back on his head. His face looked half Mexican and Latinan, defined cheek bones, grey eyes, well defined and pointed nose, thin lips that were smiling right now. My eyes automatically went to his fingers and they were slim, long and manicured.

I suddenly realized he was talking as his voice washed over me, I could almost hear him moaning my name while I suck those fingers one by one.

I shake my head and snap myself out of my reverie. I should hate him not want to rip his clothes from his skin and fuck his brains out right now on this conference table. I sit down because my legs were beginning to shake.

Maybe it’s just sexual frustration since its been almost a year I broke up with my ex and just been focusing on my career. Yeah, it’s definitely sexual frustration not that I have an almost electrical attraction to this man.

The press conference comes to an end and I stand up to leave when Mr Clark, the just retired editor walks up to me.

“June, you look delightful as always”. He says smiling.

“Thank you”.

“You must have been shocked as many others were at my announcement?”. He asks with a stupid grin on his face that I suddenly have an urge to slap out of his face.

“Well, at least now we all know how incompetent you think everyone here is that you had to bring in someone that doesn’t even work here to take the job. Also, given all my effort, the designing deals, front page covers and interviews I’ve secured for this magazine one would think I deserved the job”. I reply trying to sound nonchalant.

“June, if I thought you were all incompetent then I wouldn’t be retiring leaving behind a bunch of incompetent staff. Also, your work here has always been appreciated and you will always be indispensable. You will get there someday, just not yet”. He replies.

“Whatever you say”. I reply dryly.

“Have you met my grandson?” He changes the subject immediately. Before I could say anything he had already motioned to Brandon who soon starts walking towards us.

I will my inner self to stop jumping up in over excitement and try my best to keep my face devoid of any emotions.

“Brandon, this is June Barber the assistant editor in chief. June this is Brandon, my grandson”. He does the introductions.

Brandon smiles at me and I wonder how it’s possible that my legs are still carrying me and I’m still standing.he extends his hand for a handshake and it’s a miracle that I remember how to extend mine and shake hands with him.

“Hi”. He says looking at me curiously.

“Hello”. I reply.

As our hands connect, I feel electrical sparks shoot up my fingers to my arm then spread to my whole body. I look at him but his features remain cool and his eyes give nothing away so I can’t tell if he felt it or not. I quickly remove my hand from his. My Clark excuses himself and leaves us both together. I want to shout for him to come back but somehow I manage to talk normally again.

“I guess congratulations are in order although I’d say I was really surprised”. I say smiling.

“Thank you. Though I’m guessing you didn’t like the surprise much?” He asks with a smile just around the corners of his lips.

“Not so much but I can live with it”.

“Well, I can’t wait to work together with you. I hear you are simply the best”. He says fully smiling now.

“Since you asked so nicely with a little bit of flattery, I could always make out time to work with you”. I reply, a bit more relaxed now.

He smiles then opens the door for me and walks me back to my office. Few seconds later in my office, he smiles directly at me then closes the door on his way out and I manage to fall into my seat and take a deep breath.

“Oh my god!!” I mutter to myself as I try to fan myself with my hand. It was suddenly too hot in here.


Hope you enjoyed it. Remember to share your thoughts below. See you next week. xoxo





14 thoughts on “Charmed #1

  1. Nice piece u got dear.. Some bit of suspense, and it was quite unpredictable I’d say, &also a cool storyline#superbtrio. Good one.

  2. I think I know who June is *smiles*
    Captivating piece. Got me from the very first line. I don’t want to miss any week .
    Good one dear.

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