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Charmed #2

Days roll into weeks and weeks into months and Brandon haven’t even made a single move at me. I’m more cranky than usual because the sexual tension is building up more and more and I have no outlet for it. I’ve resorted to constant masturbation but you can’t compare that with being made love to by a man.

I’m in my office thinking of what to do about my situation when my intercom buzzes. It’s Brandon and he asks for me to come to his office.

“Hello”. I greet the lady sitted across his table with a blush on her cheeks. I’m guessing he put the blush there, I roll my eyes and mutter to myself.

I turn to Brandon “Yes, you buzzed me”.

He ignores me and turns to the lady.

“Sophie, this is June. She is the assistant editor and she will be assisting you in the design of your new line”.

“Hello June” she finally speaks to me.
“I’ve heard so much about you and I look forward to working with you. Brandon will fill you in with the details. I have to leave now”. She says as she stands and shakes my hand.

Brandon crosses over to her side of the table, takes and kisses her hand. She blushes and bats her eyelids at him and walks towards the door with extra sway to her hips.

I sigh as she closes the door behind her. Loudly. Uh oh!!!

Brandon looks at me with a smirk on his face.
“Why did you sigh just now?” You either tell me or I assume you were jealous”. He says with a smile.

His smile. The rare moments I see that smile. I almost forget myself while staring at him.

“I’m just wondering if you kiss and treat all your clients like that”. I manage to reply as calmly as possible and reach for the chair to sit down.

His hands go around me in an instant and his face is so close that I could feel his breath on mine. He traces a few strands of my hair with his fingers and then runs them down my neck to my collar bone.

I shiver with want and expectation and as he brings his face closer to mine I stop breathing.

My inner self does a dance of victory. I’m finally going to be kissed by this gorgeous man. I close my eyes and lean into him but before I make a complete fool of myself and part my lips his voice breaks into my fantasy.

“Trust me I don’t. Only for special clients”.

It takes me a minute to understand what he was saying and for me to steady myself because he was already walking back to his seat and I had almost fallen down when he released his hold on me. I manage to sit down and keep a straight face while I looked up at him.

“Get a grip on yourself”. My inner self yells at me.

As our eyes lock he smiles again then starts telling me about Sophie’s new line as if nothing just happened. An hour later we were done and I go back to my office. I close the door behind me, lock it and slide to the floor.

“What is wrong with me?” I ask myself


I couldn’t sleep that night as I kept seeing Brandon’s face everytime I close my eyes. I can still feel his touch on my skin and I shiver again. I look at the time and it’s just 11pm. It’s a Friday night so I decide to go have some fun and dance out my frustration.

I dress up in a white playsuit, blue pumps and pour my hair down letting my curls run wild. I apply just a little makeup and grab my purse. My phone rings almost immediately I step out of my house. I check the caller Id and it’s my friend Lindy.

“Hello Lindy”. I say as I pick up the call.

“Hi, what you doing this night?” She asks in her normal hyper active way.

I hear music playing in her background and peoples voices also so I know she is partying wherever she is.

“Nothing really”. I reply as I step into my car.

Ten minutes later I’m driving to a pool party at one of Lindy’s celebrity friends house. Lindy is a model so almost all her friends are models. We met at a photo shoot for my magazine where I designed the swim suits and since then we’ve been best of friends. I call her immediately I pull up and hand the keys to the valet.

I wait for her to come outside because I didn’t want to walk in alone.

“June!” She shouts as she hugs me. She is always hyper active.

I hug her back and we walk into the house together. She takes me straight to the pool where she introduces me to her friends; most of them I knew already or have worked with at some point.

Now I’m not exactly a celebrity but I’ve worked with a lot of models, supermodels, actors and even musicians so most places I go to I’m usually recognized. Therefore it was easy for me to blend in and we were all having fun together.

One of the models walked me to the pool house where I changed into the white mint bikini swim suit I came with. I put on a long net jacket on top of it and packed my hair up in a ponytail.

As soon as we rejoined the others, Lindy hands me a drink immediately and we complement each other’s bikinis.

The girls soon entered the pool to swim and I sat in one of the pool chairs sipping my drink when I heard an all too familiar voice beside me.

“Wouldn’t you rather be in on the fun than standing by the sidelines and observing?”

I turn around to be sure the voice belonged to who I thought it did and even though I already knew who he was I still froze for a second.

No, it wasn’t Brandon. It was Chase Henly, the hottest, sexiest and most handsome Australian actor in Hollywood. Don’t forget the Australian accent, only his words could make love to you.

“Observing is also fun”. I finally find my voice and reply as coolly as I can as if hot actors talk to me every day.

My inner self is impressed with my composure and shakes her head.

“Hi, I’m Chase”. He smiles at me and extends his hand.

“Behave” my inner self yells at me as I smile back at him and extend my hand.

“I’m June”. I reply

“I know who you are. You worked costumes on my last movie although for some reasons we never got to meet”. He says.

My inner self is beyond impressed that he knows who I am and I almost start grinning stupidly.

“That’s true”. I reply shyly having no idea what else to say.

The silence didn’t last for long because soon we were talking and laughing as if we’ve known each other for years.

Lindy and the other girls soon joined us and after a little while Chase said his goodbyes and left.

“Oh my god!! June, I can’t believe Chase talked to you for almost an hour. He usually almost never talks to girls when he attends house parties”. The over active Lindy pointed out.

“It’s really nothing. I’m sure he would have talked to anyone else that was here at that moment”. I say sounding bored and uninterested. But of course inside I’m excited, dancing and jumping loops that he did something he doesn’t normally do with me. I use all my willpower to suppress the grin that wanted to break out on my face.

“Yea right”. Said Millie one of the models and everyone laughed.

I decided it was time to swim and I left the girls and jumped into the water. I needed to clear my head.

So, I came to the party to get Brandon off my system and instead I met someone as hot and sexy as him. Brandon is not very expressive and I can’t tell if he likes me or not but it’s obvious Chase likes me. Hollywood hotshot likes me. I finally grin.

I suddenly remember that he didn’t even ask for my number or my card and I get sad.

My inner self snaps at me “You are smart enough to know that’s not an issue”. I smile at myself knowing that’s true.

She chirps in again, “Your boring life is about to become a whirlwind of fun”.

I smile at myself as I swim deeper into the pool.


9 thoughts on “Charmed #2

  1. I just read d 3rd episode nd remembered I hv not read d 2nd and I hv to say dy are all good cnt wait 4 d 4th episode

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