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Charmed #3

I arrive at the office on Monday morning and Brandon is still his usual distant self. We have a brief meeting that morning with other editors, designers and assistants about Sophie’s new line.

My secretary walks into the conference room and signals to me. I’m so absorbed in the designs displayed in front of me that I don’t even notice her until she finally taps me on my shoulder and I snap at her.

“Tell me whatever it is or leave me alone. You know I don’t like distractions when I’m working”.

“I have Chase Henley on the line and he wants to….” I cut her off immediately.

“Chase?” I ask, my heart beating rapidly but mostly because Brandon was here and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was even a little bit jealous. I instantly glance in his direction expecting a reaction.

“You can go and take your call, but make it snappy. We need to have some designs ready as soon as possible” he says dryly without even glancing at me.

I roll my eyes inwardly as I stand to go and take the call in my office.

I can’t help but smile as I sit down and pick up the phone receiver.

“Hi Chase, hope I didn’t keep you waiting for long?” I ask

“Not really. Not that I mind waiting though” he replies casually and I imagine he must be smiling right now.

“Oh, really? I always pegged you as one of those that love to be waited on and not to wait on others” I reply with a hint of mischievousness in my voice.

He laughs, a deep rich sound that makes me think of Brandon and the fact that I’ve never really seen him let go and laugh. I shake thoughts of Brandon out of my head.

“There is this Italian restaurant that is opening on Wednesday night and my friend happens to be the owner. I’ve been looking for the perfect company and I know you are it. So, would you do me the honor of being my plus one to the restaurant opening, June?” He asks and pauses to get my reply.

“Are you asking me on a date Chase?” I ask smiling.

He laughs again.

“I think I am. So what do you say?”

“This is your lucky day, I happen to love Italian food”. I reply.

“So that’s a yes?” He asks sounding pleased.

“Yes it is. What is the name of the restaurant?” I ask out of curiosity.

“The Soya e Pomodoro, it’s located on NE 1st St.”

“Okay. Congratulations to your friend”.

“Thanks.” He replies

“I’ll talk to you later before my boss murders me” I say dryly making a poor attempt at humor.

He laughs. Again I think about Brandon.

“Ciao June. Do take care”. And the line is disconnected.

I walk back to the conference room and the scowl on Brandon’s face doesn’t even make me stop smiling.


Soon it’s Wednesday. I leave work early to go primp up a bit at the salon.
When I get home I take a long bath being careful so as not to spoil my new manicure.

After my bath, I dry myself and step into my room. I pick out a lacy red lingerie and wear it; I know no one would see it but it just makes me feel good.

Since it was a formal event and I was going with Chase, the paparazzi were sure to be there and also because some other celebrities would be attending too. Therefore I was careful to dress appropriately, not to over dress nor under dress.

I choose a royal blue flowing gown, long sleeved left arm and handless on the right with a slit running up to my mid thighs on the right. For shoes, I wear a Zanotti heeled black sandals and my diamond jewelry set.

My hair was packed up in a high ponytail, highlighting my defined cheekbones. I put on light makeup with a little contour and a mild Mac hot pink lipstick.

I carry a little purse that’s just big enough for my lipstick and compact.

My door bell rings as I was spraying my perfume and I grab my purse and my iPhone off the bed and head downstairs.

“Wow!” Chase exclaims as I open the door. I smile as I shifted out of the way for him to enter. He looked even more handsome than I remembered, if that was even possible. He was wearing a white suit with a white shirt and he looked sexy in a classy way. His brown hair is slicked backwards showing off his very handsome face, his grey eyes looked even more piercing and his lips. Don’t even get me started on those lips.

“You are beautiful” he says with his eyes fixed on me.

My inner self jumps up, tumbles from left to right and grins from ear to ear.

“Thanks. You look handsome too”. I say smiling. Well, of course that was an understatement, he is breath taking but I wasn’t about to tell him that.

He smiles back at me with his intense grey eyes, lifts my hand to his lips and kisses the back of my palm. Blood rushes from my palm straight to my brain and I suddenly want his lips on every part of my body. Luckily he doesn’t notice the effect that kiss had on me.

“We better get going if we want to make it on time”. He says still holding my hand and looking at me intensely. Maybe he did notice the effect of that kiss.

“Yes we should”. I reply standing and holding his gaze.

He moves towards me slowly and I hold my breath, waiting for him to close the distance and kiss me in order to dull this throbbing ache within me. Instead he bends and kisses the corners of my lips, just a very light kiss. He raises up his head with a smirk on his face.

What a tease!.

I walk past him towards the door like that didn’t just happen. I’m grateful my legs haven’t betrayed me and turned to jelly.

We finally make it to his car and it’s a McLaren. It was love at first sight. A secret of mine: I love fast cars.

“Your car is beautiful”. I reply as I touch it and go round to enter the car.

“Thanks, but not nearly as beautiful as you are”. He says as he opens the door for me.

I smile as I enter the car and I’m sure I’m blushing right now. Well, of course the car is not as beautiful as I am; I know that already but it was just nice to hear him say that. My inner self is grinning uncontrollably.

He drives off and soon we arrive at the restaurant and just as I suspected earlier, the paparazzi were every where. They seemed to be paying attention to Chase and I, probably wondering who Hollywoods most eligible bachelor had on his arm or maybe they were just drooling over Chase. Who knows??

We step into the restaurant and he is immediately recognized and we are taken to a table at the vip area. I see someone walking towards us with a smile who I was just about to find out is Chase’s friend, the owner of the restaurant.

Chase stands and hugs him as soon as he approaches the table.

“Jake, this is June Barber. June, my friend Jake”. He does the introductions.

“The June Barber?” Jake asks as he extends his hand.

“Yes” I reply smiling as I extend my hand which he takes and brings to his lips too, kissing it lightly.

“Wow, I’m really honored to have you here and I hope you have a nice time”. He says smiling and still holding my hand.

“Thanks Jake, this place is magnificent and I’m happy to be here tonight. You should be proud of yourself”. I reply.

“I am” he replies with a wink.

I smile at him. What a flirt!!

Chase removes my hand from Jake’s and asks him to move on now that he was still in one piece. He laughs then leaves promising to be back.

The cuisine was fantastic and the service was awesome. We had a wonderful time and soon it was time to leave. Jake came and thanked us for coming just as we were leaving.

I couldn’t stop talking about the food on our way back to my house and I made a mental note to bring Lindy and the girls here one day.

I was impressed with Jake though, venturing into the restaurant business and I asked Chase how they got to know each other.

“We met way back in high school and we’ve been like brothers ever since then”. He replied.

I realized immediately that I knew nothing about Chase except the things I read online about him and I suddenly wanted to ask him a lot of questions.

We were soon at my house and invited him in. We talked about a lot of things, our childhood, parents, siblings, dreams, achievements and anything we could think of.

It really felt nice just talking to someone that’s genuinely interested in listening to you and telling you what ever you wanted to know about them.

And I haven’t even thought about Brandon all night. At least not until now.

We were in my living room sitting down on the floor with an opened bottle of champagne and two champagne flutes between us. It was soon almost midnight and he stood up to leave.

“I should let you get some sleep so you don’t go to work tomorrow looking tired” he says as he picks up his suit jacket and phones.

I walk him to his car and for a split second I think he is going to kiss me but instead he bends down and kisses me on my cheek.

“Goodnight June” He promises to call me tomorrow then gets into his car and drives off as I walk back into the house.


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