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Charmed #5

I’m full of anticipation and I’m so impatient waiting for the time to reach 2pm already. Chase is spoiling me so much and I’m loving it. Is this how it feels to date a celebrity? Or someone that really likes you?

Are we even dating?

I can’t help but smile at myself dreamily. I hear finger snaps and I’m drawn back to reality, I open my eyes as I turn and sigh.

“If you keep zoning off we won’t finish packing before its time for your flight”. Lindy says smiling.

I had called her to come over and help me pack but it was mostly because I was dying to tell her everything that happened that morning. Also because I was going to miss her since I’ll be gone for 10 days.

“I can’t help it, I’m just too happy”. I reply as I fall on the bed grinning like a teenager that just got her first kiss.

She lay down beside me and held my hand.

“I’m really happy for you June. After everything that happened with Dean you deserve to be happy”.

I smile and squeeze her hand. Dean was my ex and as you can guess by now, our break up was very messy.

“Thanks Lindy”.

“I love you June and I want you to be happy. But remember Chase is a celebrity and he is Hollywood royalty, be very careful with him. I’m only saying this because I love you and I care”.

“Thanks, but there’s really nothing to be worried about. I promise to be careful”. I say as we hug.

I finally finish packing and it’s almost time for my fight.

I decide to wear one of the clothes Chase bought for me. I chose a coral blue play suit with long sleeves, a little tight above the waist and free below the waist, a nude loubotin shoe and a red Prada bag.

I let my curls cascade down my shoulders and I apply a matte red Mac lipstick. I spray my perfume as I look at myself once more in the mirror. I’m good to go.

“You look beautiful”. Lindy tells me.

“Thanks dear”. I say as I gather my phones and other things.

We carry my bags downstairs to Lindy’s BMW M5 and she drives me to the Miami International Airport.

We pull up to the airport at exactly twenty minutes before my flight. I mutter a silent prayer that there shouldn’t be any delay with the check in.

A flight to Paris is being announced as we step in to the building and as we cart my bags towards the check-in port someone calls my name from behind. I turn and see a boy in uniform.

“Can I help you?” I ask, mildly irritated.

“Sorry to disturb you ma’am. You are Miss June Barber?” He asks.

“Yes”. I say as I look at Lindy. She shrugs and I turn back to the boy in uniform. I look at his chest for a name tag and it says Liam.

“Mr Chase said to bring you through our other check-in port. He said you’ll be expecting him”.

“I don’t understand, a flight to Paris was just announced. Shouldn’t I be on that plane?”.

“No ma’am. If you would follow me please”. He says as he takes my bags and carts it towards another direction and we follow him in silence.

We pass through a private check-in and as we make it through the terminal to the airport apron I see Chase smiling at me. I’m relaxed now that I’ve seen him though I’m still wondering why I was here.

That was when I saw it. His private plane. A Gulfstream G550, sitting about 6-8 passengers with a top speed of 941km/h, weighs about 21,900kg, windspan of 28m and costs nothing less than $42m with an engine type Rolls-Royce BR700. Yes, I’m a plane freak too.

“Oh My God!!”. Was all I could say.

He was smiling as he took my hand and started walking towards the plane.

The interior is even more magnificent than the exterior. White interior with gold touches, the outcome was breathtaking.

He gave I and Lindy a tour of the plane. It could sit 6 passengers, had a private room with a bed I couldn’t wait to do crazy things on, and a private convenience. There was a mini kitchen where his hostesses were staying and a mini bar and another set of restroom.

The seats were arranged in a way that they were facing each other. Two on each end and the other two by the side in between. You could turn or recline the seats if you wanted to take a quick nap and you could turn them to face each other and pull out a table in between, either for a game or a snack.

We also entered the cockpit and met the pilots. We got to sit on their seats and take pictures with them and Chase.

Finally it was time to leave and Lindy said her goodbyes as we hugged and she told Chase to look after me.

“Chase, you really didn’t have to do this”. I start saying.

“It’s not a big deal June, moreover I’d rather see that smile on your face everytime because it makes me happy”.

He always knows the right words to use.

“This is the best surprise ever. Thanks Chase”. I say as I hug him.

“That’s not all, I’m going to Paris with you. I haven’t really been to Paris Fashion week, mostly attend only New York and Milan Fashion weeks but now I have a reason to’. he says smiling.

Oh My God!! My inner self dances around and before I can control my body I jump on top of him and kiss him. Hard.

He uses one hand to support me holding my waist since my legs were crossed around him, then he uses the other hand to comb through my hair as he presses me down gently and deepens the kiss. I almost go numb.

I run my hands through his hair and I nibble on his lips, kissing his upper lips then his lower lip then slowly sucking on his tongue. He moans. Or was that me??

He pulls my hair lightly breaking the kiss, then kisses his way down my neck, then my temple and slowly nibbles on my lips. I pull him closer and kiss him fiercely, a fire is burning within me and I need to lose myself in him to quench it.

Slowly he breaks the kiss then puts me down on my legs, smiles and kisses my forehead. My legs are shaking and my head is spinning and I feel very dizzy. I manage to sit down on the nearest seat before my legs give out beneath me.

He went to the cockpit and told the pilots that we are ready to leave. I wonder how he is so composed after the kiss we just shared.

He came back and sat on the seat directly opposite mine and I buckle my seat belt and he does his. I can’t even look at him directly, I’m blushing so much I know my color must be red by now.

Soon the departure is announced and we begin taxing along the runway and gradually take off. The flight to Paris is for 11 hours, what a long flight this is going to be. We would be flying direct without any stops and should be in Paris by 1am Miami time and 7am France time. So I have to get my sleep on the plane since the fashion event was starting the next day and I would be busy once I get to Paris.

Adriana was staying at the Hotel La Tamise so that was where I’d be staying too. A suite opposite hers was paid for me by the magazine so I’ll be within reach. Well, I’m the Assistant Editor, of course I wouldn’t be staying in a single room. I also made arrangements for a car, a Lamborghini aventador. It’s not just enough to be stylish you know, you have to ride in style also.

I wonder what hotel Chase will be staying in. Should I ask him?? I open my eyes to look at him and he is just sitting there looking at me. Is that lust in his eyes?? I feel his eyes as if they were his hands running all over me and I shiver.

“Why are you looking at me like that??”. I manage to ask with a steady voice.

“Just wondering when next I’d get to touch and kiss you again”. He says slowly with an intense look in his eyes and that killer smile of his.

“Soon”. I mutter quietly, closing my eyes and drifted off to sleep with thoughts of him.


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  1. I cud use a chase in my lyf ooo, lol,dis is good babe.charmed has made me open a working email!!,chase has charmed me!!!

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