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Charmed #6

Hi luvers, I know this story is a present continuous narrative story but in some parts I’m going to make it a third person narrative so you will get to know what both Chase and June are thinking not just what June is thinking. Enjoy!!! Kisses.

We landed at the Charles de Gaulle Paris International Airport at 7am and there was a car waiting for Chase as expected. He dropped me off at the Hotel La Tamise with a promise to see me later in the day.

I walked to the reception and after I introduced myself, I was given a key card and a hotel attendant took my bags and led me towards the elevator and then to my room.

“Thanks”. I replied as he dropped my bags and I tipped him. He smiled at me and left after asking if I needed any other thing.

I just wanted to stretch out on the bed and sleep, 11 hours on air is really exhausting but first things first. I pulled off my shoes and clothes, walked to the bathroom and soaked in a bath. This felt better than sleeping. Half a hour later I felt refreshed as I put on my house robe and sat in front of the mirror to dry my hair.

The fashion event won’t start till late afternoon and my meeting with Adriana wasn’t until noon so I had ample time to burn. I rang for room service and ordered blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and fresh juice.

My food arrived almost immediately and after eating I decided to arrange my files for the meeting. I had some designs by Ralph & Russo for the entire week; that’s the designer she decided to work with.

They had their new designs for Adriana emailed to me the previous day and I had picked some out on the plane but I decided to review the designs and my picks once again to be absolutely sure I made the right choice.

I wanted to call Tanya, my secretary to ask about the photographers from our magazine but I couldn’t call her yet since it was still midnight in Miami. I’ll probably call her before our meeting. I picked out what to wear to my meeting before finally going to sleep.

2 hours later I woke up and went into the bathroom to wash up. I packed my hair in a high ponytail and got dressed as fast as I could. I applied a very light makeup and picked up my files and phones. I was just going to the next suite for the meeting so no need for a bag.

I call Tanya as I step out of the room and from her voice I could tell I just woke her up from sleep but it was already in Miami so no harm done.

“Good morning June” she said yawning.

“Good morning Tanya. Sorry to wake you up but I need to know which photographer was sent from Mode and how to reach him”.

She gave me the details and assured me that he should already be in the hotel by now so I decided to call the reception and ask. Sure enough, he was already in the hotel. I dialed his intercom from mine and after we talked I was rest assured that everything was in order.

I locked my suite and knocked gently on Adriana’s door and it was soon opened.

“June!!” She shouted and hugged me. One would think it was a surprise and she didn’t know I was coming.

“I almost thought you changed your mind, didn’t hear anything from you at all” she said posting her lips.

“I’m so sorry Ades, I got caught up in the excitement and last minute preparations that I forgot to call you”.

“It’s okay. You’re here now” she said hugging me again.

“Thanks for the opportunity Ades, you really don’t know how much this means to me”.

“It’s nothing darling, everyone knows you are amazing. I’m the one excited to have you styling me and to be the exclusive feature of Mode”. She said tugging me into the room.

We talked about other things before I finally opened my file and we got down to business. I showed her my picks and some adjustments I made to some of the designs and for the final day she picked my own original design. I was beyond ecstatic.

I emailed the conclusion to Ralph & Russso and the minor change about the last event along with my original design for them to create the dress and bring it to life.

By mid afternoon, Ralph & Russo arrived and Adrianna’s makeup crew also arrived and they all started getting her ready for the event. The photography crew from our magazine were there too as we would get the exclusive behind the scenes too.

The whole experience was so exciting and refreshing, I’ve never been more happier with my job. After she was ready to leave some other final shots were taken.

“You look gorgeous and breath taking”. I say to Adriana smiling. She really was beautiful and I liked the fact that everything wasn’t in excess just enough to make her glitter.

“Thanks darling”. She says blowing me a kiss.

A limo is waiting for her downstairs and as she leaves her suite I remember that I have to dress up too. Since her makeup crew were still here they did my makeup and hair before I went to my room to change clothes.

I wore a long silver gown with a slit from the ankle to mid thigh by Yiga Azrouel, Zanotti sandals and a silver purse by Givenchy then complimented it all with my diamond jewelry set. I was pleased with the outcome as I looked myself in the mirror.

I locked my suite and headed downstairs. The Lamborghini was here already and I got the keys from the reception. It was white with black rims and edges. The photography crew had already gone ahead in order to get pictures from the start of the event.

The red carpet event was just for 2 hours and after everyone was seated the fashion event started and the models soon started walking the runway. It was such a wonderful event especially since I was sitting at the first row on the side reserved for magazines and designers.

The event ended at night but I felt it was too short; I couldn’t wait for the next day.

I had seen Chase during the event when I looked at the actors/actresses rows and he’d winked at me. I smiled now thinking of him, I wonder where he is right now.

“You are the most gorgeous and beautiful lady here tonight” I heard him say behind me.

“You flatter me”. I say smiling as I turn.

“Croyez-moi je ne suis pas (trust me I’m not)” he says as he takes my hand and kisses it.

“Auquel cas les, merci beau coup (In that case, thanks a lot)”. I reply and I see his eyes light up.

“I didn’t know you spoke French Mon Cher (my dear)”.

“Now you know”. I reply smiling.

On our way to dinner, I go on and on about the Fashion event and he just listens to me, chipping in when necessary. He doesn’t even appear to be bored, he seemed genuinely interested in what I was saying. That really made me happy.

For dinner he took me to the Le Bistro Mericourt in 22, Rue de La Folie. The place was small but beautiful with black bars and walls by the sides and a long transparent glass wall in between.

We ordered glazed chicken thighs with salad dressing on the side. The food was sinfully tasty and I knew I would definitely come back for more. Plus the service was wonderful.

After dinner he drove me back to the hotel and I thanked him for another amazing night.

He leaned in and kissed me and I returned the kiss fervently; it’s been a very long 30 hours wait for that kiss.

She was simply irresistible; Chase thought. Not just because of her curves and her gorgeous face but because of her charm, her wit and intelligence. He adored women that had beauty and brains.

She tasted like champagne and something else that was entirely June. Her hair was so soft as he ran his fingers through it and the little moans of pleasure she made into his mouth as they kissed drove him crazy.

He ran his tongue over the curve of her lower lip and she melted deeper into him, her body so fitting into his and her lips so damn sweet as he tasted the corner where her lips came together before plunging back into her mouth to tangle with her tongue.

June was going mad with desire, the way Chase kissed and touched her, she was surprised she hasn’t completely melted into his arms. She never wanted this moment to end.

She raised her hands running it through his hair as she felt the slickly hair slide through her fingers. It was only a kiss and she already felt like she was going to fall all the way over the edge just from the kiss alone.

“Just enjoy the kiss” she heard her inner self chip in while grinning mischievously.

She was definitely enjoying the kiss but how she wanted him to rip her clothes off and take her here and now.

Chase’s mind was reeling, he had to stop this kiss now that he could still think sanely. Slowly he broke off the kiss, kissed her forehead and relaxed back into his car seat with her head on his shoulder.

“Wow” said June.

“Wow” repeated Chase.


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