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Charmed #7

The remaining seven days passed before I could catch my breath. I’d never had much fun in my life; breakfast with Chase or Adriana, the fashion event for most of the day and dinner with Chase at night.

Did I mention I got flowers delivered every morning? I was so happy and I fell in love with Paris; Chase made sure of that. He took me to a new spot each day, karaoke bars, the Louvre, museum, the Siene River, the Eiffel Tower and lots of other places. I was beyond ecstatic.

Not to mention Adriana was best dressed for four out of the already past six days of the Fashion event.

Today is the seventh and last day of the event and Adriana would be wearing my original design. I was very anxious.

The dress was delivered to my room that morning and it was simply glamorous. Ralph & Russo really brought it to life. They used the colors royal red and silver and the result was breath taking.

The gown was halter-necked, tubed and fitted but flowing to form a little train. The tubed part was covered with silver studs and the halter was made of silver straps. The flowing part and the train was royal red covered with silver lace and studs. The gown was fitted along the whole length and the train was attached as an extra part of the gown from the waist down. It was breathtaking. I couldn’t wait for Adriana to see it.

I quickly take the gown and go to her room forgetting to lock my door in my eagerness to show her the dress. I gently knock and open the door but I don’t go in, instead I ask her to close her eyes first.

“Why?” She asked giggling.

“Just do it.” I say grinning back.

She closes her eyes and I step into her room and hang the cloth in front of the closet.

“God please let her love it.” I say a silent prayer looking up.

“Open your eyes”. I say as I hold my breath.

She does and I point at the gown. Slowly her eyes widen and she jumps out of the bed and rushes towards her closet.

“Wow” she says as she touched it.

It’s obvious she likes it, I’m beyond relieved now and can finally breathe. I’m going to have my original design out there. Wow. Oh My God!!! I still can’t believe it.

“Wow!! June, I love it.” She says as she turns and hugs me.

“Thank God you love it.” I say grinning.

“Don’t be so modest.” She says smiling too.

“I just can’t believe it. It’s like a dream. Ralph & Russo brought it to life, I couldn’t have chosen any better. Thanks a lot Ade (Adriana), you really don’t know how much I appreciate this.” I say sniffling and hugging her.

“It’s okay darling. All I did was recognize your talent, you are the one with the real talent here.” She says hugging me back.

After a while I went back to my room to get ready for the Paris Fashion Week Finale.


The red carpet event started by 3pm and soon celebrities, designers and models were flooding the red carpet. I arrived with Adriana an hour later and soon cameras were being flashed in our faces and we had to stop and pose for pictures.

Adriana was wearing my design – we already know that but I just love pointing it out again- made by Ralph & Russo. I was wearing a flowing white gown by Ralph & Russo that fully accentuated my curves, with a diamond jewelry set, Loubotin shoes and a blue studded purse by Chloe. I had my curls straightened out and my hair was pouring on my shoulders, a sharp contrast between the fiery red and the white gown.

Adriana was interviewed and asked who she was wearing.

“A June Barber original design by Ralph & Russo” she replied smiling as she looked at me and soon questions were thrown at me. When did you start designing? What’s your inspiration? Will you quit Mode magazine? Are you going to create your own clothing line?….and many more.

It was overwhelming but at the same time I was happy and grateful for the great opportunity. I answered as much as I could and a part of me almost didn’t want this to end. I was beyond thrilled but it was soon time for me to move on, and that’s when I spotted Chase smiling and walking towards me. Adriana said she’d meet me inside and left after saying hello to Chase and we got a couple shots together.

“You look amazing.” He said kissing my cheek.

“You look handsome.” I reply smiling.

Cameras were flashing in all directions and as we posed for pictures, questions were thrown at us asking if we were dating.

“Yes, she is my girlfriend.” Chase replied and then kissed me fully on the lips.

Oh My God!!! Did Chase just call me his girlfriend and kiss me on TV?

He broke the kiss then smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. I couldn’t stop smiling even if I wanted to. After a few more pictures, we left the red carpet and headed inside the Carrousel du Louvre.


Brandon had been following the event from the beginning and he was very impressed with June. She was an excellent editor and she had the best eye for fashion.

Adriana was best dressed for four times already, the magazine was covering almost every part of the event including behind the scenes on Adriana which she only agreed to because of June. He was already sure Mode magazine would have the best story on the Paris Fashion Week.

June was also careful with the outfits she picked off the red carpet for Mode and he wouldn’t have chosen any better.

Judging from the red carpet event finale he was watching now, he was sure Adriana was going to be best dressed again. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

The real surprise though was that June designed that. He knew she had an eye for fashion and could make anything work, he also knew she was an excellent editor but he never knew she had her own original designs; which made him wonder the things he didn’t know about her.

“I wonder why she haven’t tried pitching her designs to the magazine.” He thought to himself.

Soon Chase was on the screen with June and Brandon’s face changed. He didn’t have anything against June seeing Chase but he just didn’t trust Hollywood stars. After Chase kissed and declared June as his girlfriend, Brandon switched off the tv swearing lightly.

As long as she didn’t let it interfere with her work, he didn’t care about her personal life. But he knew that was a lie as he stood up and walked to his bar to take a drink. Chase will have to face him if he ever hurts June.


The event was very successful and Adriana was once again picked for the top five best dressed though she didn’t win. Many celebrities were already handing their cards to her or asking for hers. They all wanted their own June Barber original design. It was like she was living her own dream.

They attended the Dior after party at the Les Bains and she had a wonderful time partying with Adriana and Chase. Around they left and went back to their hotel and Chase promised to see her later in the day.


I woke up by and after bathing and having my breakfast I picked up my laptop to check my emails and reviews about the fashion event. An hour later there was a knock on my door and when I opened the door, it was a hotel attendant.

“Good morning Miss Barber. A chauffeur is waiting for you downstairs. He said he was sent by Mr Henley.”

Chase? What is he up to today??

“Okay. I’ll be there in a minute. Thanks.”

I apply a little makeup and put on a short black gown with nude heels and bag. I pack my hair up in a ponytail and grab my phones on my way out of the room. When I stepped outside there was a white limo waiting for me.

“What’s this about and where is Chase?” I asked the chauffeur

“Mr Chase has arranged a little treat for you and I’m to take you to the various destinations.” He says opening the door for me.

My head is reeling as I step into the car and we drive off. Destinations? I can’t wait to find out his plans. I ask myself again, “where have you been all my life Chase??”.

Our first stop was the Six Senses Spa Rue de Castiglione were I got the best spa of my life. Next was the David Mallet hair salon at the Rue Notre Dame des Victoires. My hair was straightened out again, trimmed and wavy curls were added. I got a makeover – new manicure, pedicure, makeup and hair. The next stop was Chanel were I was dressed; new cloth, shoe and bag. I chose a long red gown that was bare at the back and formed a wide V just above my waist. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was beautiful. My head was spinning from all the excitement.

The next stop was the La Tour d’Argent, one of the best restaurants in Paris. It was already now so I’m guessing I should be meeting Chase here, no reason for me to dine aloneZ

When I walked into the restaurant, I’m taken to a private section and Chase was there smiling at me.

“Wow. You are beautiful.” He says standing up.

Smiling I walk towards him and he took my hand and kissed it then pulled out a seat for me and I sat down. I waited for him to sit before saying anything.

“Thanks for today Chase, I don’t even know where to start or how to thank you. This was my best day ever, you are really spoiling me.” I say smiling.

“I’m just happy you are happy and smiling June, especially knowing I put the smile on your face.” He says as he brushes his hand across my face and naturally I turn my face into his palm.

Before I could react to his words or the feeling of his hand on my skin, a waiter approaches with menus for us. After we place our orders, he pours the white wine on our table into our glasses.

I had a wonderful time just being with Chase and talking about various things. The food was excellent too and I was sad knowing I would be leaving Paris tomorrow. I wanted to remain in this bubble we have created for ourselves here.

After our dinner we decided to walk down the streets and take in the sight of the city I have come to love on foot. We ended up at the Eiffel Tower and decided to ride it to the top from where the view of Paris was beautiful. I had to take pictures, it was simply breath taking.

The night finally came to an end and when we entered the Limo, Chase told the chauffeur to take us to the Hotel La Tamise.

“No.” I said and he turned to look at me.

I pulled him closer to me with his tie and kissed him with so much passion it blurred my vision.

“Take me to your hotel Chase.” I said and kissed him again.

That was all the push he needed.

“You heard her.” He told the chauffeur then he lifted me, placed me on his laps and kissed me fiercely with as much passion.


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  1. Neala neala neala how many times did I say your name. Don’t try me…… don’t ever end an episode like this with thoughts flowing in my head. You want me to dream?

    Can’t wait for charmed 8 so on point babe

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