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Charmed #8

Hi luvers, I know everyone is patiently waiting for this episode so I decided to speed it up. Enjoy!!!

When they got to his hotel, they managed to make it to his suite without tearing their clothes off each other’s body. Once they were in his suite, he pulled her towards him and for all the fire burning within them; he calmly and slowly undressed her till she was completely naked.

“You are beautiful”.

His whisper ran over her, through her, caressing the peaks of her breasts, the throbbing heat between her thighs. She wanted to touch him and feel him skin against skin but as she raised her hand to undress him, he shook his head.

“Not yet”.

His hand slid gently through her hair and his mouth covered hers, molding her lips with his so softly she almost couldn’t feel anything. Just warmth, and so much pleasure as he deepened the kiss.

“Please” she whimpered.

“Slow baby, I want to savor every minute and worship every part of your body”.

The edges of his shirt rubbed deliciously against her already hard points and she gasped at the incredible sensation of running her naked body against his fully clothed one. There was something so deliciously naughty about it.


He groaned her name as his lips ground against hers, backing her up against the wall, her thighs opening to let him in.

She shouldn’t be this close to the edge, shouldn’t be only the barest touch, the slightest caress away from coming apart for him. But the truth was that every moment she had spent with Chase not kissing or touching was foreplay and the pleasure was rolling out one after the other almost overwhelming her.

He bent his head to lick into the hollow of her shoulder and she arched her neck into his sweetly sensual kiss, her skin trembling beneath the tender onslaught. As his mouth traveled up her neck, alternating soft little bites with the warm press of his tongue over the small hurt, she knew she never wanted this night to come to an end.
He stopped kissing her and she opened her eyes to know why he stopped.

“I want you to tell me when I make you feel good… And when I don’t”. He said, his intense hazel eyes burning into hers.

She licked her lips and shook her head.

“It’s really good so far” she said in a soft voice.


“I want to touch you”..

“Soon”. He said then bent and kissed her again then stopped to look at her. His eyes moved slowly from her face down to her breasts and held.

“Touch me”. She begged. “I need you to touch me”.

His fingertips spread out across her stomach and then up her rib cage. She sucked in a deep breath at the intense pleasure of Chase’s touch. He hadn’t even come close to her breasts yet but already she felt insanely good.

She bit her lip as her continued his sinfully slow path of sensual seduction up her body.

“So soft” he murmured just at the lower swell of her breasts.

“So pretty”. His palms shifted that final inch to cup the full flesh.

“So perfect”.

There was no way she could hold back another moan as his thumbs both moved across her nipples at the same time, not a chance of keeping her from arching her chest further into his hands.

But when he lowered his head and blew across one of her nipples, she nearly came right then and there. His eyes met hers, full of unabashed pleasure at her reaction.

Before she realized what was happening, he was lifting her into his arms and carrying her to the bed.

“I don’t want your legs to give out when you are coming for me” he said in a very confident tone. And it was sexy…

As he dropped her on the bed, he lowered his head to the other side of her neck from where he’d licked before and pressed circles of pleasure against her skin. Only this time, he didn’t stop there. Thank God.

He moved lower, closer and closer to her nipples, licking shockingly soft circles over the soft flesh. And then – oh please- she felt him brush up against the tip of her nipples and soon his mouth replaced his hands. Her hips were bucking hard into the muscles of his thighs as she tried desperately to take herself over the edge.

“Easy baby”. Chase cooed as he used his hand and held her hips in place.

Chase continued kissing her all over her body, her tummy, her navel, her thighs, her toes and finally, the part that yearned for him the most.

June threaded her hands into his dark hair and held him to her, loving the sweet sun room of his lips and tongue and teeth over her shockingly aroused flesh. Nothing had ever felt this good, this right.

And then his fingers found and caressed the wet flesh between her thighs even as his mouth was already stealing her every lucid thought.

And through it all, she rocked herself against his face growing to a fever pitch with every pull of his tongue against her, with every stroke of his fingers over her desperately aroused skin, until she was right there, right on the edge.

“Come for me June”.

His voice pushed her al the way over the edge and she was soon crashing before she was ready for it to happen. Her hips took a life of their own as she pressed herself into him; as she gasped out his name over and over again.

She never knew she could handle this kind of pleasure, even as he slid two fingers inside her and sucked her between his lips, driving her higher and higher.

Exhausted from the combination of extreme pleasure, she found herself relaxed on the bed, lying back to let him continue to taste her, his mouth intermittently roving over the tender skin at the inside of her thighs, but always coming back to her core, a slow post-climax seduction clearly intended to build up her arousal, minute by minute.

It took all the energy she had to push up and reach for his hands and she tugged at him as he slowly made it up to her face. He kissed her long and slow, the seductive glide of his tongue over hers, the heat and strength of his muscles over her. She couldn’t stand it another second,because for all the delicious naughtiness of being naked while he wasn’t, she was desperate to feel the heat of his skin.

She pushed him onto his back and climbed over him concentrating on the small buttons of his shirt. She bent to his skin as she slipped the first button free and continued the sweet torture till she removed his shirt.

She continued down to his trousers and slowly pulled his zipper down and he immediately sprang free tenting his boxers. Lifting himself from the bed, he helped her remove his remaining clothing.

Her upper lip moved between her teeth and he was utterly mesmerized by her expression as she slowly reached for him and then her slender fingers wrapped around him so gently that he couldn’t control the urge to push harder into her fist. He couldn’t pull his gaze away from the sight of her hand around him, the way she reverently worked him and the next thing he knew her head was lowering towards him, her hair brushing across his thighs.

Her warm breath found him first, so soft, and then she was moving her tongue over him.

He felt himself losing it against her tongue, she was right there, covering him, taking him deep into the hot depths of her mouth.

On a desperate groan, he pulled from her mouth, lifted her and dropped her on the bed then grabbed a condom from his bedside drawer. He quickly ripped it open and rolled it on.

As he came back to the bed, she opened her legs and wrapped it around him, dragging him down for a kiss.

Her arms went round his neck and she kissed him with so much passion he got lost there, with his mouth against hers, until she shifted her hips and he was wedged between her thighs.

“Now Chase”.

He slowly pushed into her, inch by inch until he was nearly all the way inside of her.

“Ohh!!” She moaned

The feel of her heat clasping around him had him finally losing his last grasp at control and he was soon sliding in deep, so hard they both groaned at the intense pleasure of it.

Their mouths met again, along with tongues and teeth, as their bodies have in to what neither of them could keep from happening. From the sounds she was making and the rythmic clasp of her inner muscles around him, he knew she was close.

“Come with me sweetheart”.

She held on to him as her eyes went dark with pleasure, then her eyelids were falling shut and she was arching up off the bed as the climax hit them both with so much force that all they could do was to hold on to each other as they exploded.

As the fireworks across her line of vision cleared and she began to see clearly again, she tugged his head down kissing him with all the rough passion he was unleashing on her body.

“Perfect”. He murmured.
She was perfect.

Rolling over with her in his arms, she laid her head in the crook of his shoulder, wrapped her arms around him and almost immediately slept off.


It was soon morning and when June woke up and realized she was still in Chase’s bed and arms, she moved closer to him and soon the fire betwen them was burning again and they couldn’t do anything but to quench it.

Moments later she was sitting up on top of him, and she could see the sunlight streaming into the room in earnest, the night before not far from her mind.

Warm. He was so warm as she ran her hands over his body.

She leaned down over him to kiss him and as their mouths met gently, she took him inside her on a gasp of pure pleasure and joy. And there was no denying that making love to him again felt incredible.

She rode him like that till they were both tumbling over the edge. She collapsed on top of him and he held her there, kissing her lightly.

He carried her to the bath tub and as they soaked and washed up; they explored more of their new found pleasure. She was fully sated by the time they dried off and didn’t think she could handle anything more than food.

They had a grand breakfast in the room and she ate so much, trying to refill her spent energy and strength.

Today was her last day in Paris with Chase and she was sad about leaving but she couldn’t stay here forever. They both had jobs to get back to.

“I need to go get my bags from the La Tamise”. I say after breakfast.

“They were delivered early this morning”. He said point for towards his closet.

“Really?” I say smiling and walking towards the closet and true enough, everything was there.

Chase always thinks of everything doesn’t he?? He is simply incredible.


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