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Charmed #10

Slowly I was sucked into Chase’s world of drugs & hardcore sex and soon I couldn’t do without it anymore. I wonder how he was able to stay so calm that you’d never suspect he was using. Well; I guess he had a lot of practice.

Drugs soon became a daily requirement for me and I was slowly spiraling out of control. I still managed to keep my work in check and be professional in the office but my life outside the office was a mess.

Lindy noticed and started complaining about Chase, telling me to stop seeing him, that I was losing myself. If only she knew the extent I’d gone. I told her to let me be or just get out of my life that I didn’t need anyone to mother me, that all I needed was Chase. She said I was out of my mind but I didn’t really care.

I kept traveling with Chase, partying and doing drugs which always led to great sexual tussles that always blew my mind. But soon, Chase’s needs started growing. He started to include bondage during sex and he’d even force me to have sex with other girls just for his own pleasure.

By then I didn’t have Lindy anymore so I couldn’t even complain to her or anyone else. He had me secure in his web and I kept on doing whatever he wanted because I was desperate to please him; maybe it was the effect of the drugs, I really don’t know. Or maybe it’s the fact that he’d punish me during sex by spanking or flogging then fuck me without mercy if I didn’t do what he asked me to do.

I was gradually becoming a shadow of myself, was beginning to lose weight, my eyes were always heavy and redshot and I was slowly becoming an addict too; even to the pain he was inflicting on me. Drugs seemed to be the only escape and consolation I had.

I haven’t even gone to the office in over a month, how could I work looking like a lunatic?. Brandon had called and called but I always give an excuse before I finally asked for a leave saying that my mum needed me at home because she was very ill and he granted me the leave. Yeah; I’m now a liar too but I don’t even give a damn anymore.


One morning after my normal dose of cocaine, I was lying down on the floor when Lindy walked in. I was semi conscious so I couldn’t even move if I wanted to.

“Oh My God!! June what have you done to yourself?”. She was bursting into tears already.

“Hi” I replied smiling, oblivious to her state of hysteria.

“You stink” was all she could say while still crying.

She helped me up and took me to the bathroom, bathed me, washed my hair then took me back to the room to dry my hair before helping me into the bed.

“When was the last time you ate?” She asked.

I shook my head smiling, I still had the drugs in my system so I didn’t realize how serious she was being.

She went downstairs and heated up milk then fried pancakes for me and when she came upstairs she forced me to eat every bite and drink every drop. After eating I fell asleep.


When I woke up Lindy was still there and she tried to talk to me once again, telling me Chase wasn’t worth my throwing my life and everything I worked for away for him. But how could I listen? I was already deeply entangled in his sociopathic web.

She had seen marks on my body and knew he was hurting me but I still refused to listen to reason.

Chase was coming over to take me to his penthouse suite at the Marricott Biscayne Bay so I packed my bags while waiting for him.

“You need to stop this June, you deserve much better than this”. Lindy was saying while bursting into tears all over again.

I rolled my eyes upwards. She could definitely cry a lot. I’d even forgotten she was still there.

“Lindy just leave me alone. And stop crying please, it’s beginning to irritate me. Please just go, Chase will be here soon”. I say as I continue getting dressed.

Knowing Lindy I want her to leave before Chase gets here because she will definitely create a scene which I’m not ready to deal with neither I’m I ready for Chase’s punishment if she annoys him. I cringe at the thought of being punished.

I turn to look at her and she was gone. I breath out in relief.

Minutes later, Chase arrived and we drove off to his penthouse.


Brandon looked at the caller ID on his phone and it’s a number he doesn’t recognize. He almost doesn’t pick it but something prompts him to.

“Hello” he says picking up the call.

“Brandon, where are you? It’s Lindy, June’s friend. I need to talk to you as soon as possible”. Lindy says as fast as she could.

“Is everything alright? Is June okay?” He asks, his hold tightening on the phone.

“No, she is not. I need to talk to you”.

They decide to meet at the Perricone’s Cafe downtown Miami.
He made it there in 20 minutes and Lindy was already there.

“What is wrong with June?” He asks as he sat down.

“I’m sorry to bring you into this but June just won’t listen to me anymore and I’m running out of options on what to do”. She says and starts crying again.

Brandon’s gut churned. Was June hurt? He would never forgive himself for doing nothing to help her while she was hurting.

“Tell me everything”. He said with an unsteady voice.

Lindy told him everything and by the time she was done, Brandon had a murderous look on his face.

“Christ! She said her mum was very sick and needed her help and I told her to take as much time as she needed. I never even gave it another thought. I should have tried to reach out to her and check how she was doing, I should have pressed further. I hate myself right now”. He said sounding hurt.

“It’s not your fault”. Lindy said reaching out to touch his hands.

“Where is she now?” He asked.

“In his penthouse suite at the Marricott Biscayne Bay. I can’t bear to think of what he might be doing to her right now especially after knowing he has been hurting her and making her use drugs. We need to get her out of there and get him out of her life for good”. Lindy said with a steady voice.

Brandon looked at his watch, it was almost 10pm and though he knew his friend Mike won’t appreciate being called out by this time, he still dialed his number. They would need to arrest the son of a bitch, after he must have had his own fill of beating the crap out of him.

Mike met them there in his official police car and called for backup as the three of them drove to the hotel.

“Oh June. What have you gotten yourself into. Don’t hate me for what I’m about to do, just doing it because I love you”. Lindy said to herself still crying as she drove to the hotel. She knew June would be furious with them for intruding and she could only hope that with time she would forgive them and understand they did this out of love. June needed help and Lindy was determined to help her.

They got to the hotel and made their way to the penthouse after Mike showed his badge at the reception and got specific directions. They reached the door to Chase’s penthouse a moment later and Mike knocked on the door.

“Open up. Police”. Mike said.

There was a pause on the other side, a long hesitation and then the sound of the door unlocking. Chase opened it a bit but not fully.

“How can I help you officer?”. He asked with his usual casual charm.

Mike pushed it all the way open and flashed his badge.

Brandon pushed past Mike and grabbed Chase by the neck.

“Where is she?” He bellowed.

“Where is who?” He asked looking calm.

Lindy ran past them to the bed room and as she opened the door she found June unconscious, with tape over her mouth, her arms and legs, tied to a four-poster bed with rope. She looked dead. And Lindy looked panicked and pale and let out an ear cracking shout as the others rushed into the room.

June was naked and unconscious and parts of her body were severely bruised, her legs spread wide. Lindy was crying profusely now and Brandon grabbed Chase slamming him against the wall and hitting him square in the jaw.

“You son of a bitch” he said through clenched teeth, shoving him hard.
“I swear if you killed her I’ll kill you”. He continued beating him till he wiped that calm smirk of his face and blood started seeping out of his mouth and nose till Mike held him back. When he let go of Chase, he slid to the floor.

Mike had checked the pulse in June’s neck and she was still alive. Lindy was sobbing as she helped Mike untie June after she had dialed 911 with shaking hands trying to describe what they had found.

June’s neck dropped as they untied her and covered her with a sheet. The ambulance said they’d be there in a couple of minutes.

Lindy was still crying praying for June to be strong when they heard the sirens of the ambulance and the police and a moment later the police and paramedics were in the room. They checked June, started an IV, put an oxygen mask on her, put her on a gurney and left the room with Lindy and Brandon hard on their heels while the police put handcuffs on Chase and Mike described the scene they’d found.

At the hospital, June was rushed into the trauma unit and hours later the doctor came out to talk to Lindy and Brandon. She had been raped, her bruises superficial and nothing was broken but she was heavily drugged. The doctor said it would take another 24 hours for her to come around.

The doctor told them that although there was no physical damage that June would most likely suffer from psychological trauma and gave them numbers of good therapists that she could talk to when she gets better.

Lindy was still in tears as she listened to the doctor and Brandon still wanted to kill Chase but they were both thankful that no irreparable damage was done.

“June thought he was her prince, her fairy tale come to life”. Lindy said, wiping her eyes. Brandon crossed his arms around her, trying to comfort her.

The police had told Lindy that they would talk to her and Brandon in the morning and she told him to go home that she would stay with June but Brandon refused and insisted on staying with her.

It was 8pm in the evening of the following day when June stirred. She had no idea where she was or what had happened. All she knew was that every inch of her hurt.

“Where’s Chase?” She asked looking around.
The last thing she remembered was being with him in his penthouse.

“In jail, where he belongs”. Said Lindy as she gently stroked her hair. Brandon had left for work that morning after they both talked to the police promising to be back later that evening.

June was too tired to ask Lindy what she meant by her statement and gradually drifted off to sleep again.

June gradually started getting better as the days passed though she was still throwing up from the drugs. Brandon came to visit as often as he could and was relieved to see her getting better. Her lip was swollen, her eyes were battered, she was still bruised but at least she was alive.

By the end of the week June was on her feet again and Brandon told her to take a few weeks off until the bruises healed.

She still couldn’t believe Chase was capable of doing the things they told her he did but if she ended up in the hospital then it must have been true.

During her time off, she visited one of the therapists the doctor suggested everyday and slowly she let go of all the pain, putting it into her sessions until they became distant memories fading away gradually.


Chase was being prosecuted for rape, assault, battery and for drug possession. They were throwing the book at him, and the judge had set a five-hundred thousand-dollar bail. A friend paid it for him amd he was soon free; to do it again to someone else.

Brandon used his connections and made him lose all the jobs he had in Miami making sure he would never get a role that had a shooting in Miami, again forcing him to leave Miami to go back to his country where he will be extradited.

There would be no scandal, no court appearances, no press. He would be punished in his own country and June would never have to see him. Ever again.


A sociopath is a person who will destroy you without a conscience, without even a second glance. At first they seem too perfect to be true, then slowly they remove your heart and whatever else they want with a scalpel. The operation is brilliant but not often flawless. And when they are done, they leave you traumatized, stunned and bleeding; then move on to the next victim – Danielle Steele.

I also want to add that we shouldn’t have to suffer alone and in silence, learn to reach out to people around you, if not friends then family. Because the truth is, you will never know who is willing to help until you ask. Violence and sociopathy is increasingly becoming a norm and we should all be careful who we love, because most crimes against humanity have been committed in the name of love.

Hope we all learnt something. Kisses lovers 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋


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