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Charmed; Final Episode

None of her fantasies had done their first kiss justice. The feel of his lips on hers, the way his tongue slipped and slid against hers…she was lost to sensation, to the one person she’d been craving body and soul.

“June” he groaned her name against his lips then began to alternately nip at her lower lip and her upper lip, as if a simple kiss wasn’t enough when all he wanted was to devour her.

She slowly wrapped her arms around his shoulders, she wanted him closer, needed more of him.

She’d never felt like this with anyone, completely out of control. Maybe it was all the more incredible because she loved him. In a moment of pure connection with Brandon than she’d never thought to have with anyone, she found herself deepening the kiss.

Leaving one hand in her hair, he began to run the other slowly down the side of her body. She nearly cried out into his mouth when he slid over-and-past-the curve of her breast on the way to cup her hip with his palm. He didn’t stop until he had curved his palm around her and lifted her up so that she straddled him.

Brandon had never lost control with a woman before. Not even close. Not until June.

Her beautiful eyes were hazy with pleasure when he stopped to look at her. He wanted her in bed with him, that was where she belonged, where he’d needed her from the first moment he set eyes on her.

Lord, he couldn’t wait to hear more of those little gasps of pleasure she’d been making when he was kissing her….and to watch her expression as she came apart beneath him. Desperation to get her naked soon had him lifting her into his arms and carrying her upstairs. The storm outside forgotten.

As he laid her on the bed, he slowly undressed her and pressed his mouth to her skin, brushing his lips against her earlobe, then her neck, her shoulder blades.

Then he slid one hand into her hair and turned her face so that he could kiss her, she couldn’t do anything but gasp at the extreme pleasure of having his mouth on her. For how gentle his hands had been and still were, the wildness of his kiss told her a different story. He wanted her. Badly.

As his tongue thrust against hers, she was glad to be able to finally unleash all the passion, the desire she’d been holding in check since the first moment she’d met him.

He broke the kiss and made his way down her body shedding every bit of clothing remaining on her body.

“Such soft skin”. He murmured as he pressed kisses all over her body.

He kissed the top of her neck and she shivered, then beneath the swell of her breasts and between her ribcage and she shuddered beneath him, and her body quivering at the sweet pleasure of being touched like this.

Like she was all that mattered.

She was precious and worth the time it took to explore her pleasure, to learn where it hid and what would make it come to life. She couldn’t hold still and was already begging for more.

“All in good time baby” he whispered against her skin.

A moment later he hooked one finger into each side of her panties and held it there.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment?”

Each word came more ragged than the one before it and just as his kisses had been, it was testament to how badly he wanted her.

Somehow she managed to ask “How long?”.

He slid her panties down enough to press a kiss on the inside of her thighs, groaning as he gave equal measure to each thigh.

“Forever,June. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for you”.

And then, just after the most shocking words had been spoken, her panties were fully off and Brandon was kissing her.

“I love the way you smell” he said in between kisses.

“And the way you taste”.

But she couldn’t hear him anymore, not with the intense pleasure his mouth was bringing her. She arched up into his mouth, those little sounds she made as he drove her higher and higher made him lose hold of his control.

Right now he needed to have her, needed to make her his. He licked and sucked at her aroused flesh. Already he knew he’d never get enough, he was already addicted to the taste of her. And then, a moment later her hands clamped down so hard on his as she shattered against his mouth.

“Brandon” she moaned as she fell over the edge holding on to his hand.

Gently he slid one of his hands and ran it down over her hips. She shivered at his touch and then she was losing control of her body again.

Brandon began the long low climb up her body, his mouth pressing kisses to the insides of her thighs, her hip, her rib cage…she couldn’t wait another second.


“You’re so beautiful” he said as he took her lips with his.

She reached out to put her hands on his chest, on his breast bone, beneath which his heart beat hard. Steady. She leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his chest.

“You are so beautiful too”. She said

Reaching out, she slowly ran her fingers over his abdominal muscles, his skin jumped beneath her fingertips and he couldn’t hold back his sound of pleasure at her sweet caresses.

She slowly pulled his zipper down and he immediately sprang free tenting his boxers. Lifting himself from the bed, he helped her pull his remaining clothing off.

Her lower lip moved between her teeth and he was utterly mesmerized by her wide eyed expression as she slowly reached for him and then her slender fingers wrapping around him so gently that he couldn’t control the urge to push harder into her fist.

He couldn’t pull his gaze away from the sight of her hand around him, the way she reverently worked him and before he could catch his breath her head was lowering toward him, her hair brushing across his thighs.

Her warm breath found him first, so soft, so seductive, and then she was moving her tongue over him.

He felt himself losing it against her tongue, she was right there covering him, taking him deep into the hot depths of her mouth.

Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth and pressed her into the bed and he was over her, his fingers threading through hers, his thighs pushing hers open, wider then wider still until she was wrapping around his waist to take him into her.


The one word penetrated the darkness and her heart was nearly lunding out of her chest as he waited, poised on the edge of dangerous anticipation.

“I’ve been waiting for you for so long,June. I’m finally going to make you mine”.

“Yes”. She said, the one word raw, and more desperate than she’d ever heard from her own lips.

“Make me yours Brandon”.

When he entered inside her, so softly and yet passionately, her breath whooshed out of her.

She’d never been with anyone with such sweet knowledge of a woman’s body and pleasure. Because as he continued to take her hard, soft, fast, slow, deep…she knew that this was what she wanted, was exactly what she’d been yearning for.

Not only to find someone who could help her lose herself but to find someone who would share her deepest secrets and let her share his and kiss his tears away.

Her hips moved with his, rising to meet each thrust, falling as he pulled back before coming into her again, seemingly deeper every time. She could feel her body tightening again, her inner muscles not used to such exquisite pleasure, almost aching with how sensitive her skin was.

“Come for me June, I need to feel you around me”. He thrusted deeper and harder.


She immediately felt herself careening over the edge one more time. Allowing herself feel the kind of pleasure she’d never thought she was capable of ever feeling.

“June”. He groaned as her inner muscles gripped him and she ground her hips against his to prolong the pleasure.

As he gripped her hips tighter and tighter, she could feel him growing even bigger, even harder with each thrust.

She reached up, ran her hands over his chest, and then over his upper arm. She felt herself tightening again, ready to fall over the edge once more.

As Brandon’s name fell from her lips again she fell over the edge and desperately held on to him riding out her orgasm.

“I love you Brandon”. She said and that seemed to push Brandon over the edge as he stilled above her, then pulsed long and hard with his own wave of pleasure.

He collapsed on the bed beside her and pulled her into his arms. She wrapped her arm around him and held unto him and they both slept off that way.

She wasn’t scared of the dark tonight or of the storm pouring heavily outside. Tonight she was safe with Brandon.

In each loss there is a gain,
As in every gain there is a loss,
And with each ending,
Comes a new beginning.
– Buddhist Proverb.


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