All these Unn undergraduates… You students intentionally protested and destroyed your already depreciating school facilities in this buharified Economy all because you want free wifi, uninterrupted power supply (where e dey happen for this naija) and free/Steady water supply… And all other nonsense you guys listed as your personal vendetta against your school Administration. I no blame una… Like they say “onye enyere allow ochobaallowances”..
All of you re just a bunch of over pampered students that don’t know any other thing apart from book.

I was made to understand that your power supply was disconnected by the phcn because your school was not able to clear their light bills… And the conditions of your living accommodation is unbearable… And the hostel fee was yet increased from 11k to 30k per section, biko na by force to live in school hostel.

I pay almost 120k for my accommodation in school per section(off camp) ,still I don’t get steady power supply and water,
I have not died yet, i still read with my candle at night or rechargeable lantern as the case maybe and still pass my exams … I go as far as residential houses to get my daily supply of water by myself.
You said your grasses re too tall and you get snake bites all the time… Re you guys not human beings , you can’t take care of your environments , ok naa be waiting for porters to come and even spoon feed you people.

Am still here pleading for my lecturers to come back to work so i can go back to school and graduate… That’s how these foolish students re somewhere constituting nuisance all in the name of protest … Okay who the protests don epp… Shebi all of una follow me sit down for house now they warm bom-bom. If you have grievances take it up with the federal government sponsoring your Education in the school.
After you people will say you re lions and lionesses when you lack common sense… Mtcheww…..
Ngwanu bye!!!


I really don’t understand how u jumped all the way from Imsu to comment on Unn issues.
Like there are just many reasons I can think of that doesn’t even give you the right to talk about us. Let me list some for you;

1) Unn is the first University of Nigeria and is a Federal University whereas Imsu is a ‘state’ uni that just emerged when??

2) Unn is one of the top 3 recognized universities in the whole of Africa… Ummm; I don’t even know Imsu so wonder what that tells you.

3) 70% of Nigerians write for Unn and finally end up managing other schools because they can’t get it. How did u finally end up in Imsu?? I’m sure you must have failed Unn pume countlessly.

4) Award and trophy wise; what have you people won??

5) You are asking if it’s compulsory to live in hostel, just because Imsu doesn’t have hostels doesn’t mean the normal thing is for students to live outside school environment. Let’s look at Europe and USA for e.g Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT and co.. Don’t they all have hostels and don’t students live in them??

6)Assuming you actually pay 120k for rent, you don’t have light you don’t have water. Yet you are paying and you have sense?? Okay oh.
Well, we pay for light, water, wifi and many more and based on rights of every individual in the Nigerian constitution we have a right to fight for what belongs to us. But of course you won’t understand this.

7) In Unn we offer ‘ALL’ professional courses, and they are all accreditated. Ummm; how many do you guys offer there?? Does Imsu even offer any?? Because from your post obviously you have too much time on your hand. After all why else will you say we should cut grasses ourselves; bcz you people always have time over there doing nothing so you probably think we have that kind of time to waste here in Unec.

8) You said all we know is book. Hmmmm.. Let me think. What should we know? What Imsu girls know Abii do? Jumping from club to club, Aristo girls, sleeping with married men all around, forming when you have nothing, doing shakara with synthetic hair and yet form big girls, wear clothes from Aba and yet think they slaying?? Lmao!!! I can’t even continue seriously because the list is unending.

The end point is, until you become a Lioness don’t try to roar because all you will do is squeak and the lions and lionesses will definitely eat you up; what else do you expect when a hyena enters a lions den??
Don’t be Mediocre.


7 thoughts on “UNEC Vs IMSU

  1. Ada mummy this is what will call hypertidinesis……as a matter of fact you just broke someone’s spasticity…….lol

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