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Samantha Stone isn’t your regular girl. She is the number one artist of the Stone Records Los Angeles which boasts of making many local emcees, singers, international stars and the record was founded by none other than Greg Stone, her father.

She is the proud owner of three chart topping albums and a total of eight sold out tours. She has been nominated for and bagged many MTV awards, BET awards and Billboard music awards. Her next target is the Grammy’s and the way her career was moving, she was sure she was on the right track.

That is; until two months ago when she lost her dad who was her rock, her everything.

He had been all she had in this world, except her music. He had taught her everything she knows today and always pushed her to her limits even when she didn’t know she still had anything left in her to give. He had always believed in her, never for once did he ever doubt her and that made her develop a very high level of confidence in her self and her music.

She had been almost sure she would get nominated for the Grammy’s this year but now that her dad was dead she wasn’t so sure anymore.

She had been on tour when he died and it killed her that she wasn’t there with him and more so that he didn’t ask for her to come be with him. But of course, she already knew he was thinking of her career and wouldn’t have wanted her to put her tour on hold although she would have done that in a heartbeat if it meant that she got to see and hold her dad once more.

She had wanted to end the tour immediately but her agent had insisted that it was her fathers last wish to comeplete her tour no matter what happened to him. Typical Greg Stone.

After her tour in Europe had ended, she had gone straight ome to Los Angeles and arranged for her dad’s funeral.

The ceremony had been a sad one but she was happy that almost all their acquaintances had shown up to pay their last respect. It left her with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude and it was obvious that almost everyone he had ever came in contact with loved him. He did have a heart of gold. Everyone from musicians to actors to producers to emcees all turned up and she was grateful for the support; though that one week was the longest and saddest week of her whole life.

Her only solace had been her adopted brother Cole, she was happy she had him beside her during that period because she honestly didn’t think she could have ever done it alone.

Her fathers will had made her the CEO of Stone records with 40% shares and he also left her with an inheritance of over a hundred million dollars making her one of the youngest and richest CEOs at 23 years. She didn’t know what to do with all that money added to the fact that personally she also had a lot of money because her albums were always topping the charts and sold out.

The will had also made Cole the president of Stone records leaving him with 30% shares while the remaining shares where for the remaining share holders. Cole was the acting CEO now though, since she was on tour again. She had continued her tour after her fathers burial, even though she hadn’t wanted to but it was already sold out so she couldn’t disappoint her fans.

Looking back now, she couldn’t believe 2 months was already gone since he passed away.

Her 3rd album New York Tour was coming to an end today and she will finally be done for now until her next album drops. She couldn’t wait to just stop for a minute and finally mourn her dad the way he deserved.

But even though she was sad, she was still happy and beyond excited. This was New York and she was performing not just in front of any crowd but in Times Square, and the tour was sold out. It was crazy and it was a dream come true. She would be silly not to appreciate this a lot, especially knowing it was all possible because of her dad.

“They are ready for you now Sammy”. Her manager, agent and best friend Anita Holden said as she stepped into her dressing room. She was scrolling through her iPad, always busy working on something.

“Thanks” she replied and dismissed the flock of make up artists and stylists hovering over her in her dressing room.

“Let’s make this count” she said to Anita with a smile as she stood up and walked past her towards the stage.

“Exactly what I want to hear”. Amanda replied following closely behind her.

The crowd was cheering loudly for her, chanting her name. It always made her feel loved and cherished the way they screamed and chanted her name whenever she was about to perform.

The lights on the stage went off and slowly she was lowered into the stage in a chair designed with glowing diamonds and held together by two studded chains as her first song to be performed that night started blasting from the speakers.

She started singing on her way down sitting in the chair with her legs crossed and the fans went crazy all over again and as the lights were gradually turned back on her dancers filled the stage and she was helped down by two of her dancers as they fell into formation. It was such a beautiful feeling, knowing that all these people were here because of her.

They soon started to sing along and dance along and she felt exhilarated, forgetting all her worries for that moment as she poured her soul into the music.

She performed more of her songs and at the end of the show she thanked her fans.

“Thank you all for coming out here today, for your support and your love, especially in the last 2 months since I lost my dad. I’ve received and seen your mails, tweets, cards, letters, messages, everything and I couldn’t be more blessed to have you all”. She said smiling.

“We love you”. Her fans chorused.

“And I love you all too. Which is why I’m telling you all before anyone else that I’ll be taking a break now that my tour has ended. Not a permanent break, just temporal. I need to really get a hold of my feelings and truly mourn my dad in the way he deserves. I hope you all understand and won’t be disappointed when you don’t see me releasing any songs soon. I hope I’ll always have your love and support”.

“Always”. They chorused and applauded as she blew them a kiss and walked out of the stage.

“Did you know about this?” A confused Anita asked Cole who had flown in to watch the final show of her sisters tour. And also he was her publicist so he should know things like this.

“I had no idea”. He said said as he shrugged.

Samantha took her time at the meet and greet with her fans to sign autographs, pose for pictures and answer and question thrown at her. Finally it was over and she was silently thankful to be back in her dressing room as she kicked off her heels putting up her legs in a bid to relax.

“Mmmmm!! That feels good”. She cooed as she felt Cole rub her foot. She hadn’t even heard him come in but she didn’t mind the intrusion one bit and although her eyes were still closed she definitely knew that it was him.

“So what’s this about taking a break?”. He asked subtly after a while.

“I knew this foot rub must have a hidden agenda behind it”. She said sighing.

“You know a foot rub for you is nothing so just tell me”.

Sometimes Cole could be a pain in the ass but he was also her best friend way before Anita and her adopted brother so she had no choice but to tolerate him.

“Exactly what I said. I need to mourn him Cole. I just can’t think of anything else until I do, I haven’t even fully felt the impact of losing him and I need to let it out. I need to do this for myself. I’ve made up my mind about it so don’t bother trying to discourage me”.

“Sammy that’s not what I’m trying to do. I understand exactly how you feel, he was my dad too. I just felt you should have told me first and Anita too before making the announcement publicly”. And as if on cue Anita walked in looking furious.

“What’s this about Samantha? I’ve always told you to stop springing surprises on me”.

“I’m sorry but I knew you would react exactly like this which is why I had to announce it openly. I don’t need you trying to change my mind”. She said and looked at Anita just as she noticed a hurt expression cross her face.

“You think I’m mad because I don’t want you to mourn your dad? Sammy I might be your agent but I’m also your best friend. I would always support whatever you want to do, I just like to know before you take rash decisions like announcing something huge like this without telling me first”. Anita said softly.

She felt bad for thinking Cole and Anita wouldn’t understand. She clearly under estimated their love for her.

“I’m sorry”. She said quietly and Cole waved it off.

“What about your career? Your music? Everything your dad fought for?” Anita asked softly.

“I’m not retiring Anita. I’m just taking a break. If I get the inspiration I’ll write a song and even record it”. She replied casually.

“Where will you be taking this break then?” Anita probed some more.

“No idea yet. I just need to get back to Los Angeles first”.

“What about Stone Records? You are the CEO, who will take over while you’re gone?” Anita asked again and Sammy sighed sinking back into her seat. Anita just wouldn’t stop until she was sure she had really planned and thought this through.

“Cole of course. He is the only one to have worked closely with dad, and he knows a lot more than I do in the business aspect. He is the current President of the records and the acting CEO and he has been doing a remarkable job just in this few months”. She replied as if the answer should have been very obvious.

“And how long will this break last”. Anita finally asked sounding defeeated.

“Oh Em Gee!! You need to relax. I’m not going to a desert or a jungle. You are over reacting”. Said Sammy looking at Cole for help since for some reason he has decided not to say anything.

He shrugged his shoulders at her and she glared some more before he finally sighed and turned to Anita.

“It’s really okay Anita, I understand her point. She was in Europe on tour when all these happened and she haven’t had a break since then. Immediately after the burial she had to start her American tour. She really deserves to rest and take a break and I’m sure she’ll be okay. And if you’re worrying about being less busy don’t worry you won’t, we have many new talents waiting to be signed and you could work with a couple of them till Sammy gets back”. Cole said quietly.

“Okay, I just want you to be fine. I hate seeing you sad and hurting”.She finally said.

“I’ll be fine”. Said Sammy as she stood up to hug her till she really relaxed and actually laughed when she teased her.

“Finally, the tension was beginning to choke me”. Said Cole as he made choking sounds like he was being strangled but then was suddenly released and gasping for air.

“You sure you shouldn’t be acting and not managing a record label?” Anita asks and Cole rolls his eyes as if the idea was preposterous.

Samantha picked up a shoe and threw it at him but he ducked just in time.

“I have a date with a model tonight and if you injure me I’m sure she won’t be interested anymore. Unless of course you wouldn’t mind stepping in??” He said and winked at Sammy.

Sammy heard Anita groan beside Cole, her expression changing and she chuckled quietly. She wondered if Cole would ever notice how Anita felt about him. Probably not, since she never smiled much and was always buried in work while he was always busy chasing models around looking for who to get buried into.

“Eww!!!”. Was all she said and they all burst into laughter including Anita.


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