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The next day they headed back to Los Angeles in her private jet and she was glad that the tour was finally over. She needed the comfort of her home more than anything else right now.

When they got to LAX International Airport, their bags were carted to Cole’s Mercedes CLS which he usually parks in the airport whenever he travels.

Anita’s car was already waiting there for her so she said her goodbyes and left. After their bags were fully loaded into Cole’s car they drove off and he insisted on getting lunch first before taking her home.

They opted for the Piccolo Paradiso at 150 S Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills not just because they serve some of the best Italian dishes but also because it wasn’t very far from her house.

As soon as they walked into the restaurant they were ushered to a table and the menu was given to them.

They placed an order for Cappelletti In Brodo (Prosciutto stuffed tortellini and Parmesan on chicken broth).

While they waited for their meal to be served, a bottle of red wine was opened and poured into their glasses by another waiter.

“Thanks” she said smiling at the young waiter who instantly blushed crimson. It’s not everyday he gets to serve the Samantha Stone you know. He smiles awkwardly back at her and hurries off before he makes a complete fool of himself.

“So how was last night with your model?” She aaks Cole once they were alone again.

He grinned instantly, his lips quirking up in a manner that was so cute and that she would have probably found irresistible if they weren’t almost siblings.

“I’m sure you don’t really want to hear the sordid details of my night so don’t ask, but if you do insist then I can show you not tell you”. He replied with a wink at her.

“Yea right” she replied and shuddered waving off his witty reply. Her reaction earned a full throaty laugh from Cole and she soon joined in.

The food arrived and as soon as she got a whiff of the aroma she realized instantly that she was actually starving. It was so like Cole to know what she needed even before she knew it. He was like her soulmate or something just without the romantic aspect.

“Mhmm” she moaned as she took her first bite and let the taste wash over her taste buds.

“Like it that much?” Cole chuckled.

“Thanks for insisting on lunch, I’m actually starving”. She admits after taking a few more bites.

“Happy to help”. He replied with a wink.

They ate in silence after that because he knew that she hated to talk while eating and soon they were done.

For desert they had strawberry meringue and when the bill was dropped on the table, Cole was already slipping his card into it before she could even look at it.

“You always do that” she whined and pouted.

“Do what?” He asked innocently.

“You know what”. She said pretending to roll her eyes which got him laughing. This was a normal routine whenever they went out for lunch or dinner. One day she was going to beat him to it though and pay.

Couple of minutes later they left the restaurant and were soon pulling up to her gate. Cole punched in the code at the gate before driving in.

She smiled as she looked up at her house. It was a private and gated three-structure compound up a long driveway on over an acre flat of lush grounds in one of the best Beverly Hills neighborhood.

The main house was a 1920’s Spanish remodel with modern influences and has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, a large-scale living room, outdoor living room with a fireplace off the pool and a grassy yard plus a recording studio which she had personally added with a separate entrance.

The second structure was built as a 1920’s two bedroom guesthouse, two bathrooms and a single living room with a fireplace while the third structure is a 1920’s one bed room pool house with a living room.

She knew it was a lot of space, even her dad had told her so but she loved it and it has always felt like home, from the moment she had stepped into it she had known this was it. Even when she had bought it, through out the remodeling period and when she moved in up until now the feeling was still there.

“Good to be home”. She said smiling giddily. She always felt homesick after being on the road for so long.

Who could blame her really??

Cole helped her haul her bags inside and upstairs to her room and after he hugged and kissed her lightly on the cheek he said goodbye and left.

She was too tired to unpack so she just managed to pull off her clothes and shower before falling into bed naked and drifting off to sleep.

By the time she woke up, it was already 7pm at night and she reached out for her phone to check if she had any calls. She grimaced when she realized she had 10 missed calls from Anita and sighed inwardly, she’d never hear the end of this. Sitting up from bed groggily she dialed her back.

“I was beginning to wonder if maybe I need to drive up there to get a hold of you”. Anita said in her impatient don’t-waste-my-time voice.

“Hello to you too” she said and smiled because she could actually visualize Anita rolling her eyes. Yea, she knew her that well.

“I have no idea if Cole told you about this but you have a meeting with the board tomorrow at Please don’t be late so you don’t make me come up there and drag your fine ass into the office myself”. She said sternly.

“Oh!! You think my ass is fine? I’m flattered”. She replied laughing.

“You are unbearable”. Anita replied but was now laughing too.

“So from everything I just said the only thing you heard is that your ass is fine? You need help”. Anita rattled on trying desperately to talk while laughing.

“Yeah, I’m cocky like that”. She replied laughing.

“Anyways, just don’t be late okay?” Anita said seriously.

“I won’t be late and yes Cole did mention it so don’t go making him feel like he ain’t doing his job”. Samantha added.

“I don’t do that”. Anita screeched.

“Yea right”. She scoffed. She could almost imagine her blushing right now and that thought made her smile.

“I hate you”. Anita muttered.

“I love you too. Now can I go back to sleep?” She asked yawning.

“Don’t be late. Good night Sammy”. Anita repeated before disconnecting the call.

Rolling her eyes at her best friend or at the thought of her best friend she got out of bed and stretched then put on her house robe. She might as well eat now that she was up. She dialed her favorite pizza place and made an order then opened her wardrobe to select what she’ll wear tomorrow.

Thirty minutes later, the pizza arrived and she curled up on the sofa in the sitting room to eat and watch the entertainment channel.

Naturally they were talking about her just concluded tour and the bombshell she had dropped after her last performance. She changed the channel to Disney immediately, she didn’t particularly like listening to news about her.

One of her favorite show Liv and Maddie was showing on Disney and she soon got swept up in the twins mischief as she munched away on her pizza and fresh fruit juice.

When she was done with her food, she threw the pack and disposable plate she used in the thrash, washed her hands and went back upstairs to her room. She prepared a proper bath for herself with her favorite lavender oil and soaked in it for about an hour.

When she was satisfied, she rinsed off her hair and dried her body before wrapping herself in towels and walking back into the room.

After she got ready for bed, she sat in front of her mirror and braided her hair into two then she took out out her music note pad and pen to write but for some reason she couldn’t think of anything to write about.

Sighing after she failed a couple more trials later she finally gave up, frustrated with herself and decided to go back to sleep.

The only livid thought in her head was her dad’s death and she was yet to fully process that. She had no idea what she really thought processing it would yield or how she was supposed to feel or what she was supposed to feel. All she knew was that she felt empty and incomplete and she had no idea how to feel whole again. This vacation was meant to help her understand what she was feeling and come to terms with her loss. Hopefully when that happens, she’d be able to write a song again.

With thoughts of her dad swimming all over her head she soon found herself getting out of bed and reaching for one of her photo albums. She smiled as she flipped through it, memories of her dad washing over her, looking at her smiles in the photographs now she realized that she had been indeed blessed to have him as her father.

She watched a couple more pictures, some with her dad, some with Cole and some were of the three of them laughing as if they had no care in the world. Smiling at the sweet memories the pictures brought; their time in disneyworld, her first time on stage, her first award, her 18th birthday, her and Cole’s graduation and many more she clutched the album to her chest and soon she drifted off to sleep.

She was up by the next day when her alarm went off and she had to drag herself out of bed. She woke up fully after having her bath, then sat down in front of her mirror and slowly applied her makeup. She opted for a natural look with a little contour and glossy pink lips.

She finally loosened her braided hair which turned out curly as it cascaded down over her shoulders. She sprayed on her L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray to hold and protect the curls.

Her mane of a black hair was such a fine contrast to her tanned skin and pink lips making her look even more radiant and beautiful.

She wore a white bodycon gown that stopped just above her knees, accentuating her modest curves and a black, red sole Loubotin pumps. You can never go wrong with a pair of Loubs.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror one more time, she decided was pleased with her choice of dressing before she finally picked up her black diamond jewelry set to complement the outfit.

She sprayed her signature perfume “Femme Fatale” which she had just launched ending of last year on her birthday behind her earlobes, on her collar bone and in her palms.

Picking up her Chanel bag, her iPhone and her car key she walked out of her room and made her way downstairs.

Punching in her security code behind her as she stepped out of the house, she walked towards her garage and unlocked the black BMW M8 latest model and smiled as the engine purred to life before driving out.

As she turned on the radio her song blasted through the speakers and she increased the volume singing along as she drove to Stone Records.


Yea I know it hasn’t gotten dramatic yet but not even a comment from one person as regards to my last update hurt.

So I hope I get comments this week, it can totally be random, just say something.

Thanks luvers…


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  1. Seriously I just saw d first part today,I luvd it,u actually made me fix my,nice work ,am still seriously Wondering how did will play out!!!

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