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Stone records was located in Hollywood and as she drove past security check, she smiled as she looked up at the building that was her dads legacy one more time before finally driving to the parking garage and getting out of her car. She had always known that one day she’d have to take over and carry on his legacy but she never knew it would be this soon.

She grabbed her bag and put on her sunglasses and then made her way into the building. Swiping her card at the security check inside the building, she walked through and smiled when she saw Cole walking towards her.

“Hey. I saw you drive in, you’re here early”. He said sounding surprised.

“Well, asides from the fact that I have a meeting, I also figured that as the new CEO I have to set good examples for my subjects. Like you”. She added in a teasing manner with a wink.

“I’m honored that you even thought of me”. He said mockingly and they laughed.

He hooked her arm through his and led her towards the elevator leading to her dads office.

She hasn’t been there since her dad died and even before then she mostly just comes to record her music or attend meetings or just visit her dad. There were a lot of things she knew that she had to learn.

Her dad had left Cole in charge for the time being and she was very grateful for that, atleast now she could take time off and get her shit together without thinking that the record label was burning to the ground.

Her father had loved Cole like his, and Cole had always loved her like his sister so it wasn’t really a surprise when her dad had made him his legally and given him their name. Sometimes she wondered if there was a reason why Cole loved her fiercely and always did everything he could to make her happy and protect her.

Sure she knew siblings did that for each other but sometimes she couldn’t help but think if there was another reason.

Cole walked her to her new office, which was formally her dads office and immediately she stepped into the office memories stormed into her and her eyes clouded.

Cole pulled her into a hug and gave her a handkerchief he retrieved from his pocket while she tried to get a hold of herself, wiping away her tears.

Before she met Cole, all her childhood days were mostly spent in this room. It had just been her and her dad so they spent almost every moment together. This was where she realized she loved singing and would want to be a singer, this was also where her dad had told her how proud of her he was for the first time.

She held on to Cole as the memories threatened to overwhelm her and they just stood there, her head on his shoulder, his arms around her while one hand gently rubbed her back.

He didn’t say anything to her because he understood her enough to know that words weren’t needed and for that she was thankful.

“Ahem ahem” Anita coughed quietly from the doorway.

Cole and Samantha broke apart and turned to look at her.

“Hey Anita!! At least I came in early today”. Samantha said, attempting to use humor and melt away any awkwardness although she didn’t really feel like it.

“I can see that” Anita replied stressing on the see.

Rolling her eyes Samantha went round the table to sit on her chair and gestures for them to sit as well. They ran through certain details concerning the upcoming meeting and when they were done she was ready to face the board.

In the meeting, they congratulated her on the just concluded tour and the sales it pulled in. They addressed other pressing issues, she signed pending documents and in the end she announced that Cole would continue as the acting CEO until she was back from her time off.

Surprisingly they all sympathized with her and were very understanding concerning her need to take time off. They said she should take as long as she needed, that Cole was more than capable then also told her not to hesitate to ask for anything she needs.

It was more than she could ask for and she was very grateful that these people really did care for her dad.

Finally, when she was done for the day she was eager to go home and plan how to spend her self imposed vacation. She got Chinese take out on her way home and picked up her mails from her mailbox as she drove into the house.

When she pulled the letters from her mailbox, she had no idea that one of them was going to change her life forever. The creamery stationary, the neatly hand written name and address, the Atlanta postmark had seemed ordinary and normal enough.

Stepping into her house she simply stacked the mails together on the kitchen table, dropped her meal on the table too while she slipped out of her shoes then took a hair band out of her bag to pack her hair up in a ponytail.

She took out a plate and turned her food into it then poured herself a glass of wine. Sitting on a chair as she crossed her legs and ate her food she slowly opened her letters one by one.

Most of them were sent by fans, some where congratulating her on her tour, some where sending her good will messages, some were rooting for her to be nominated for the Grammys while most were sympathizing with her concerning her dads death.

This was one of the reasons why she loved her career, knowing that whatever happens, she has millions of people to love and support her, knowing that she was never alone.

She smiled as she tore through the letters and didn’t think anything of the letter from Atlanta when she tore it open.

She was mildly curious though because it was hand written and also touched because it must have taken a lot of effort so she was smiling giddily as she tore it open.

It read;

Dear Samantha,

I realize you will be very surprised to hear from me or even shocked; I would be too. I don’t know exactly what your dad must have told you about me but I do know that I love and will always love you so much.
I might have made a lot of mistakes early in life but it never diminished my love for you.
I’m sorry I didn’t reach out sooner but Greg made me promise not to and coward that I am I didn’t, I couldn’t. Not until I heard he passed away 2 months ago; God bless his soul.
I’ll really like to meet and get to know you Samantha. I’ve followed your life and career every step of the way but I’m sure it doesn’t compare to knowing you personally.
If you are interested or hopefully curious enough to want to meet your mother then please do accept my invitation to Atlanta, Georgia. My address is written on the post card I included.

Hoping to hear from you soonest.
Your mum, Kate stone.

Her hands were trembling as she read the letter, too many emotions coursing through her; anger, hurt, disappointment, hatred. As she finished reading the letter, interest had slowly turned to shock, then shock to disbelief then disbelief to anger.

This was an invitation from a woman who had never wanted her, a woman who had preferred the life of drugs and wildness to the serenity of having a family, a loving husband and a daughter who needed her mother.

A woman who picked drugs over her own child, a woman who was supposed to be her mother but meant absolutely nothing to her.

Samantha’s love and trust for her father had been the only constant thing in her life, the only thing she was sure of, the only thing she always knew would stand the test of time. He had always been there for her and had never let her down.

So why was her mind playing tricks on her? Why was she wondering what exactly this woman meant when she said her father made her promise not to reach out to her? She hated this woman even more for making her doubt her father.

Her dad had told her that her mum abandoned her and never wanted anything to do with her anymore so why was she trying to pin this on her dad. Her dad, a man that had never lied to her at all.

“This is crazy” she thought as she absent mindedly rubbed her temples to dull the headache that was brewing steadily.

The woman was probably still on drugs and trying to mess with her head. But still, she couldn’t help but pick up the letter and read it once more.

“What if there was more to this story?” A voice in her head whispered.

“Aren’t you even mildly curious to hear what she has to say?” The voice continued.

“No, no, no” she said shaking her head as tears slipped down her face and she tried to block out the thoughts in her head. Her dad would never lie about something like this, he would never do this to her.

Reaching for her phone she sent a quick text to Cole.

“Please stop by on your way home, thanks”. She got an affirmative reply almost immediately.

She slowly got up and packed the remaining food, throwing it into the trash since she had lost her appetite.

Picking up her glass of wine, shoes, bag and the letter she grabbed the bottle of wine also and made her way upstairs to her room. She removed her clothes, put on a large t-shirt and sat on her bed pondering over the letter and drinking as if that would somehow make everything better.

Cole was worried about Sammy and rushed out of the office as soon as he could. He decided to pick up pizza and soda from her favorite pizzeria since he didn’t know if she had food for dinner.

He pulled up to her gate around 6pm and punched in the security code before getting back into his car to drive in.

Grabbing the pizza and drink he punched in the security code in her door before letting himself in. He checked the sitting room then the kitchen as he set the food down on the counter.

“Sammy” he called out.

“Upstairs” came the reply.

He made his way upstairs and as he stepped into her room, he saw her sitting up with a glass of wine and a paper with the wine bottle just beside her on the headboard of the bed.

He looked at her face and she really looked tired and sad, her eyes were puffy as if she’d been crying and the hand holding the paper was trembling slightly.

Beneath all the sadness he could also sense that she was angry, very angry at something and he wondered what it was. He hated seeing her looking this way; she looked broken and he could only hope that he’d be able to help or atleast offer a bit of comfort.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked softly.

“I really don’t know”. She said putting her hand on her head and rubbing her temples.

“Do you have a headache?” He asked when he noticed the movement and she nodded.

He pulled out one of her bedside drawers that he knew contained Advil tablets and went downstairs to fetch her a glass of water then handed it to her when he came back.

“Here, let me take this” he said casually prying the wine glass from her hand and giving her the glass filled with water and the tablet.

He watched as she swallowed the pill then downed almost the whole glass of water before she looked up at him and his heart squeezed in his chest hating that she was in pain. He wanted to ask her what the fuck was wrong and shake her until she spills but knowing Sammy, if he comes on to strong she will recline and say nothing. He had to be patient, after all she texted him to come.

“What’s that in your hand?” He managed to ask calmly as he eyed the paper after dropping the glass near the wine glass and the wine bottle.

She didn’t want to say anything and the silence was beginning to choke him so he had asked her a question that he hoped meant nothing and might help her open up.

She doesn’t say a word still, she just hands over the letter to him.

His brows were furrowed in confusion as he read it but soon his eyes were gradually widening in recognition as it began to dawn on him who exactly this letter was from.

“Oh, shit!!!” He swore when he was done reading. Treading his fingers through his hair, he grabbed the wine glass and drained the content in one gulp.


Shit is about to get real… Hehehe!! Atleast now the drama is getting started.
Remember to tell me your thoughts on this.
Thanks luvers *kisses*


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