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“So what are you going to do?” Cole asked when he was finally calm enough to talk without cursing and was able to think clearly.

“I have no idea. I mean, dad told me that he had to take me and leave because she hated the idea of being tied down by a kid, that she preferred the fast life of drugs, parties and all that. He also said she never wanted anything to do with me and had never tried to reconnect but the letter says he told her not to contact me, which means she did try to at some point. But why would he lie about that to me? I just don’t think he could actually do that to me but that doesn’t stop me from wondering. What if there is more to this story than I know?” She finally voices the question dancing around their minds.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this Sammy, you could just ignore the letter. Like you said, dad would never lie to you about something as important as this”. Cole said even though within him he knew their dad would have done anything he felt was to be done in order to protect Sammy from whatever he considered danger or a source of hurt. As much as he was trying to convince her that this was probably a lie, he wasn’t even convinced himself.

“You know I can’t. I think I’ve finally known where to go for my vacation”. She said very softly that he almost didn’t hear her.

“What are you saying?” He asked her, eyeing her suspiciously. He could take a wild guess but he hoped for the sake of his sanity that he was wrong.

“I’m going to Atlanta”. She said in a tone of finality, not leaving it open for discussion. This was the tone she used to close deals, the tone she used to get endorsement deals and contracts to work in her own terms, the tone that guaranteed her a win because she had made up her mind so he just nodded because he knew nothing he said would change her mind at this point.

Pushing the dread building up his throat that was as bitter as bile aside, he managed to drag her downstairs and made sure she ate the food he brought because he was sure if he didn’t she would probably lie in bed all night thinking about all that was happening and forget to eat.

“Just be careful okay? And let me know everything that happens every step of the way”. He said when they were done eating and packing up the plates.

“I will”. She replied softly.

“I’m serious Sammy, don’t hide anything from me. If you need me there don’t hesitate at all; call me immediately and I’ll be there as fast as I can”. He added looking at her intently. Sammy was stubborn but he knew she wasn’t stupid, he trusted that she would be safe and reach out to him when it was necessary.

“I’m not a baby Cole and stop making it look like I’m going on an undercover mission in a jungle or something. I’m just going to visit a harmless old woman” she said and he scowled at her.

“Fine, I’ll call you if I need you and I’ll check in as much as I can” she added dryly rolling her eyes because she knew she’d never win this if she decided to prolong it.

“Good” he replied as he pulled her in for a hug. That wasn’t exactly the way he wanted her to say it but it would do for now. As much as he wanted to go with her and make sure she was safe, he knew she had to do this alone.

“Love you so much Sammy” he said kissing her on the top of her head.

“Love you too Cole”.

He left a while later and she went back upstairs to her room. Lying down she picked up the letter again and stared at it. As much as she hated it, she was extremely curious about her mum. Her dad had done a very good job of making sure she never yearned for a mother but that didn’t mean there weren’t moments when she’d really wished for hers, moments she wished her mother had loved her enough to want to be with her.

Moments such as her first kiss, her first tryouts, ballet performances, when she’d gotten into college, graduation, her first studio session, when her first single dropped, her first album, her first stage performance, her first award and most especially when her dad died. She had cried for the man she loved with all her heart and for the woman that would have been her source of comfort if she was around. Fate was obviously playing a sick game.

What did her mother look like though? Her dad never showed her a picture so she had no idea. Was she blond like her? Or a brunette? Or had black hair? Was her hair as ridiculously long as hers? She had brown eyes like her dad so she knew she probably hadn’t gotten that from her. Can she sing? Is that where she got her own talent from?

A lot of other questions raced through her mind and she was almost going crazy with them. Did her dad lie to her? Did he keep her mum away from her? And if he did, why did he do it? Why didn’t he give her a chance to make that decision herself?

She needed answers and she wanted them as soon as possible. She made up her mind to start her preparations immediately so that she could leave for Atlanta soon. Picking up her phone, she dialed her real estate agent and explained that she needed to get a nice apartment in Atlanta in any of the safe neighborhoods and Janice her agent suggested Roswell. She explained that it would probably take a couple of days to get a perfect house from the available listings and Sammy pleaded with her to make it happen as quickly as she could and Janice promised to do her best. She thanked her then disconnected the call.

Sammy lay back on her bed and closed her eyes, still thinking of the unexpected turn her life had just taken; her dad dead, a mother she never knew suddenly wanting to meet her and before she knew it, she was gradually drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, she woke up feeling restless so she decided to go for a morning run in order to clear her thoughts and on her way back she stopped at the cafe around the corner of her street to buy coffee and doughnuts. When she got home, she went straight to the kitchen and dropped her breakfast on the table then brought out her iPod from her pocket and pulled her ear piece out of her ears dropping them on the table before making her way to the sink to wash her hands.

She took her food and went to the sitting room turning on the television. She was still all over the news especially because of her announcement at the end of her tour. Maybe Anita had been right, she probably shouldn’t have announced it in that manner. It was creating a lot of buzz and the last thing she needed was the paparazzi following her everywhere but the harm was already done so no need crying over spilt milk.

She changed the channel to Disney and relaxed watching the programme that was on and eating her breakfast. Memories of her teen years with Cole when they were still in her fathers house on mornings like this flashed before her eyes and she smiled. Before her dad adopted Cole, they had been joined to the hip already, they were practically siblings, always together and couldn’t spend a lot of time apart. The beautiful friendship had begun as hero worship because he had protected her from other students that were mean to her and had slowly morphed into something more when she realized that all he needed was someone to make him feel happy, wanted and welcome so she gave him that.

It wasn’t even surprising when her dad had taken an instant likeness to him when he started to hang out a lot in her house, Cole just had that effect on people. At the time, she had thought she was madly in love with him and he in love with her but that hadn’t really worked out and over time they both realized that even though they loved each other very much, they weren’t in love.

Cole had been in a foster home then and his foster parents and siblings weren’t being nice to him, which was why he was always at her house. He would never complain to anyone but sometimes she’d see bruises on his body, or he’ll have a broken lip or a black eye or a minute limp in his step but he always denied being abused.

A year before they graduated from high school, she couldn’t keep quiet about it anymore and had to confide in her dad. She had just expected her dad to help get him into a better home but instead he’d adopted Cole and that was the best thing her dad had ever done for her; giving her the gift of a sibling. She had been very excited at the moment they were both told but Cole had been numb and speechless; she didn’t blame him though.

“I still can’t believe I’m Cole Stone now”. He had said months later on their way back from court after all the legal processes had been settled and finalized. Cole had wanted to change his name to Stone because he didn’t want any reminder of his past and her dad had been very glad and proud that he wanted the name.

“You best believe it son” her dad had said to him grinning from ear to ear and she had just kept squealing, jumping on him and kissing him all over his face in the back seat of the car.

Cole was 17 years then and she had been 16 years, he’d been family ever since then and they both loved him so much that people who didn’t know them back then had no idea that he wasn’t really her brother; and that was definitely for the best. Her dad had made sure it stayed out of the press knowing that Cole would never be able to forget his past if the press ever caught wind of it because they would always make references to him being adopted once in a while. That was one of the sweetest things her dad had ever done for Cole, her brother.

Her dad was her hero, he was the best there was, he was the kind of man that always put others happiness into consideration, the type that protected those he loved no matter the consequences. Which was why this letter had her rattled and in turmoil, how could she reconcile the man she knew and loved to the man that probably kept the one thing she’d have killed to know hidden from her? It was simply unfathomable.

When she was done with breakfast, she went upstairs to start packing her bags, she hadn’t heard from Janice yet but she had a feeling that she would soon. Not to toot her own horn but she was Samantha Stone, doors normally opened for her even where it wasn’t existing ordinarily. When she was done packing, she had 3 boxes in all and even though she felt it was way more than she needed she didn’t reduce it, she’d rather have more than have less.

She stepped into the bathroom when she was done and drew a hot bath for herself. She soaked in it a bit longer than was usual, letting the water warm her, caress her skin, soothe her nerves and relax her tensed muscles. She lost track of time in there but when the water started to get cold she stood up and rinsed off with the shower.

She had a towel wrapped around her and another wrapped around her hair as she walked back into the room. Sitting in front of the mirror, she dried her hair and brushed it out just as her phone beeped. She stood up to get her phone and check who the message was from and gasped when she saw it was from Janice.

“You really are lucky Samantha, I guess being you really does help a lot. I was able to get something I think you might like in Roswell, it’s a 4 bedroom apartment with 3 baths, a land space of above 2500sq foot located in Northgate, Oakmont at Crabapple. It’s a property that many people are after but for now it’s off the market for 32 hours because of you. The rent fee for 6 months like you requested is $150,000 and I have pictures of the house attached. If you want it, let me know as soon as you get this so I can start negotiations immediately”. Janice’s text read.

Wow!! As confident as she had been, she hadn’t really thought that Janice would actually get something this exquisite for her so soon. She started feeling scared and unsure but before she could talk herself out of it she replied her immediately.

“Yes please, I love it and I’ll take it. I would be leaving in 3 days time so I hope that’s enough time for them to get it ready, thanks a lot Janice. Anita will take care of the payment”. When she was done she texted Anita immediately to comply with Janice but didn’t tell her the real reason she was leaving.

She was really going to Atlanta, she was going to see her mother, the woman who had abandoned her all those years ago and subjected her to growing without a mothers care and love. As much as she wanted to hate this and hate that she was doing this, a part of her was thrilled to finally meet the woman that gave birth to her.


Things are getting pretty serious, who else is curios to know all that Atlanta holds for Sammy??

Remember to comment ohh… That’s all that matters at the end of the day. Kisses luvers


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