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When she woke up the next morning she called Cole to tell him all about the progress she’d made and though he still had resignations about her going to Atlanta he didn’t try to dissuade her. She also told him to get her plane checked out and ready to leave in three days time and he promised he would and also volunteered to take her to the airport himself on that day.

“Sometimes I wonder if you think I’m still a baby, so I can’t drive myself anymore?” She asked joking and Cole just chuckled.

“I’m sure you can princess, I’d just feel better doing it and that way I get to spend a little more time with you before you get on the plane”. He replied and she scoffed at that.

“You need to get a serious girlfriend you know? Maybe that way you’d leave me alone and start being overly protective of her”.

“I’d never stop being protective of you Sammy, even if I do get a girlfriend. You are my first girlfriend and my first love”. He replied and they both laughed at that. They always use that line to tease each other, reminiscent of when they first met. Sure they had been each other’s first dates, first kiss and maybe even first loves but definitely not each other’s first true loves.

“So what do you plan to do now that you still have three more days before you leave?” He asked.

“I was thinking of coming into the office later and maybe see if I could write some songs. I haven’t been able to and maybe being there might help, I always did seem to get inspiration from that building. Also, I’d probably take some over due CEO lessons from you”. She replied.

“In that case I’ll see you soon then. About the CEO lessons I’ll be having a meeting with one of the new artist we are about to sign by 11am, think you can make it before then so you can help me decide?” Cole asked and she glanced at her watch to know how long she had to get ready.

“Sure, I’ll be there”. She said when she noted she had 3 hours left to get ready and that was more than enough time.

“See you soon, love you Sammy”.

“Love you too Cole”. She replied then disconnected the call.

For breakfast she decided to make a banana and blue berry smoothie since she didn’t have time to cook. As she sipped on her breakfast she picked out the clothes to wear and when she was done she quickly brushed her mouth, did her business and had her bath.

She wore a forever 21 white tube bodycon gown, a Gucci shoe, swept her hair to one side and applied a light makeup with orange lipstick. Picking up her bag and the keys to her Lamborghini Aventador she made her way out of the house and locked up behind her.

She got to the office a few minutes past ten and headed straight to Cole’s office.

“Hey sis”. He said smiling as he stood up to hug her and peck her cheeks.

“Hi you”. She replied smiling and they both sat down on the couch in the living area of the office.

“Who is the artist you want to sign?” She asked just as Cole handed her a file.

She went through the file and so far she liked what was on there but she still needed to listen to a record and as if Cole read her mind he started playing the artist’s song for her. Four minutes later she was very much impressed and knew they just had to sign her. The artist was a young female rapper and she had her own unique style and a way with words. She has always been managed by her elder brother before Stone records came across her mixtape.

“Wow!! She is good, I love her”. She said smiling and Cole was positively beaming.

“You do?” He asked and she nodded.

“I think she is pretty amazing too, with that kind of talent imagine what she can do in a few years”. He said excitedly and she smiled at him.

“So why did you need my decision? The girl is obviously good”.

“It’s about her management, she said she still wanted to keep her brother on as her manager and she wouldn’t sign anything less than 50/50 from whatever she makes”. He said sighing and she sighed too, no wonder he wanted her there.

“She’s got balls, I’ll give her that but she has to understand that she is just coming off the streets and as good as she is no one really knows her. Without us she won’t even be able to get far in this industry and with her kind of talent it would be a shame if the world doesn’t get to know about her”. She said and he nodded in agreement.

“I’ve tried to reason with her but she is adamant and even Anita has tired to but to no avail which is why I had to ask for your help, I just really hope she listens to you”.

“I’m not Hollywood sweetheart for nothing you know? I’m sure I can charm her”. She replied with a wink and he rolled his eyes at her.

“For once, I hope your “charm” really works”. He replies sarcastically putting the charm in quotes making her burst into laughter.

Soon it was time for the meeting and they both made their way to the board room where they were met by the artist Dewan and her brother.

“I hope we didn’t keep you waiting for long?” Sammy asked with a smile directed at Dewan and she nodded ‘no’ trying to contain the excitement dancing around in her eyes but failing. Sammy smiled knowing exactly how Dewan felt right now; that feeling when you meet someone you’ve always wanted to meet but then you are not sure if you should scream or be calm.

“So do we have a deal or what?” Her brother asked in a rude voice and she completely ignored him and turned towards Cole to start the meeting.

“Dewan, as much as I trust in your talent and believe you’d go to great heights in the industry, I really can’t push this forward on your terms. The record is willing to sign 60/40 but nothing less than that, also I don’t really know about your brother managing you. If we manage you fully, it would be easier to get you contracts, gigs, help you organize your tours, release albums and reach any height you want to. We all know Stone records is the best out there and we want you but it’s up to you to either accept this opportunity or not”. Cole said and Sammy looked over at Dewan who was looking at her brother to make the decision for her.

It was obvious to her that Dewan wanted the deal from the way her face lit up when Cole was talking but something was keeping her back from accepting and that’s probably her brother. Sammy knew instantly that she needed to get her comfortable and away from her brother so before she thought any better of it she stood up and motioned for Dewan to follow her.

“Where are we going to?” Dewan asked.

“Just follow me”. She replied and she nodded before standing to follow her out of the board room.

She looked over at Cole who was looking at her like she had gone crazy but when she mouthed “trust me” he smiled and relaxed, completely trusting her to handle this.

She took Dewan to the recording studio and just as she had expected her face lit up once they were inside.

“So do you know any of my songs?” She asked.

“I know everything, I really love your songs”. Dewan replied somewhat shyly.

“Thanks Dewan. I know you are a rapper and since most of my songs are rn’b I think we can have a go at a remix right now. So are you in?”

“Really? I’d love to”. She replied with wide eyes and after everything was set in order they started to sing. They were using just the soundtrack of the song Dewan picked, and she sang her normal lines while Dewan modified it with her rap lines.

“That was dope”. She said when they were done and Sammy nodded in agreement.

“This is just a tip of the iceberg considering the kind of deals you’ll get here, you will get to work with top shot artists, you will have the opportunity to reach any level you want to and you’ll always be sure of top management with your success as the priority. Now I’m not saying your brother isn’t a good manager but trust me you need people that are more experienced and have been doing this for years. You can keep him on as your publicist or anything else but you need an experienced manager and agent. Like my brother said, this is the best record label in LA and it wouldn’t be wise to turn this offer down. I noticed you weren’t really comfortable talking in front of your brother, that’s why I brought you here. Music is the language we speak so I hoped it would help you open up”.

“Truth is, I really want to take the deal however Nate convinced me that dropping him as a manager would be a mistake but I understand much better now, all thanks to you”. She said with a smile and Sammy couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face at that.

“I’m happy to help, you won’t regret this” Sammy said and they shook hands to seal the deal.

They went back to the board room and Cole was delighted to hear that Dewan was signing the deal while her brother glared at her but she totally ignored him. Few minutes later they were done signing the contracts and the two siblings left.

“How did you do that? I’ve been trying to convince her in ages and you did it in just 30mins”. Cole asked visibly impressed.

“I told you I’ve got charms”. She replied with a smirk.

“You sure do”. He said standing up to kiss her cheeks and she rolled her eyes at him.

Cole went back to his office and she returned to the recording studio to try and write a new song but she still couldn’t write anything new. When she finally decided to leave it was already 4pm and she sought out her two best friends.

She had to practically drag Anita and Cole out of the office but that was after reminding them that she was the CEO and they didn’t have any choice but to follow her orders.

Since they were already in Hollywood, she took them to the Brew Palms to celebrate her first signing. She was really happy she was able to sign Dewan, maybe she actually had the knack for the business side of the industry.

“I still can’t believe you were able to sign her”. Anita repeated for the umpteenth time. They were done eating now and just relaxing with a bottle of wine.

“Oh please, you just can’t believe I was able to do it when you couldn’t do it. Get the facts right”. Sammy drawled and they all laughed. Anita hated when others did what she couldn’t do and Sammy was a little bit too happy that she scored this signing much to her annoyance.

“Yea right”. Anita said sarcastically.

“Live with it”. Cole added winking at Sammy and they both laughed.

“Of course you’d side with your sister”.

“Relax Anita, it’s just a signing and moreover ofcourse I would. It’s not everyday someone does something you failed to do and excels in record time”. Cole replies with a smirk and Anita groans making her laugh again.

Soon they were chatting about other things and she was happy to have spent this time with them before leaving. She was going to be gone for maybe 4months or more and she knew at that moment that she would really miss them more than any other thing but she doesn’t dwell on that, instead she makes sure she has as much fun as she could with them tonight.

By the time she got home that night she was beaten so she just managed to undress and fall into bed. The next two days she spent making sure everything was packed and going over some more paper work at home. She wanted to make sure she left everything in order before leaving.

A day before she was to leave, she was feeling very restless and anxious and soon found herself dressing up, picking up her car keys and driving off. By the time she even realized where she was going to, she was already at the cemetery where her dad was buried. She hadn’t been there since the burial and she suddenly felt guilty.

Walking up to his headstone, she sat cross legged in front of it and stared at the words written on it as tears slipped down her face.

In loving memory of;
Greg Stone
A mentor, hero, idol and the best father that ever lived
You might have left earlier than you should but your memories live on
We will always love you.

“Hi dad” she said after sometime then told him all about the letter from Kate and her decision to go to Atlanta.

“I really hope it’s all lies dad, I don’t want to believe you lied about her for most of my life. I’m sure I have nothing to worry about though, after all you’d never do that to me”. She said softly before resting her head against the head stone. When she noticed that she lost track of time, it was already getting dark so she stood up to leave.

“I love you dad and I miss you so much. Cole misses you too but he always tries to be strong for me”. She said with a smile as more tears streamed down her cheeks then she turned and walked towards her car.


This ended on an emotional note, well I really hope she isn’t disappointed by whatever she will find out.

Let me know your thoughts please.. Since I haven’t been getting much comments from y’all I have a question for everyone.

Do you like my new series?? Reply in the comment section. Kisses!!!!!


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