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Samantha woke up the next morning feeling confused and scared, her heart pounding rapidly against her chest.

What if she doesn’t like what she finds? What if Kate was lying and just wants her money? What if her father did keep Kate away from her?

A lot of what if’s were running through her mind but she knows that the answers she so desperately seeks could only be produced in Atlanta. Groggily getting up from bed, she dragged herself to the bathroom.

“I have to do this”. She kept muttering to herself as if that would somehow help calm her down.

Few minutes later she was done with bathing and dressed casually in white jeans, a Versace black shirt that was tucked into the jeans and black Fyre boots. She packed her black hair up in a ponytail and applied light makeup.

After she was done dressing, she slipped on her jewellries and grabbed her phone to call Cole. It was already and her flight was by 12.noon. The flight time was approximately 4 hours so she would be getting to Atlanta around 4 or 5pm depending on the weather.

Cole picked up the phone on the second ring.

“Good morning Sammy”.

“Good morning Cole. How soon can you get here? I’d like to eat before my flight so you need to get here soon”. She said.

“I’ll be there in a bit”. He replied.

“Okay, I’m waiting”. She said and disconnected the call before calling Anita.


“Hey yourself. How you holding up?” Anita asked.

“I’m okay, I guess.”

“I’m really sorry about your dad Sammy and it hurts that I can’t do anything to ease your pain.” Anita said apologetically.

“You’ve done more than enough Anita by being with me every step of the way and letting me go on this trip. Thanks for everything.”

“You don’t have to thank me, I’d do anything for you that will make you happy but don’t go all ghost mode on me when you get to Atlanta and make sure you try to write new songs or even record if you can.” Anita added and Sammy rolled her eyes, ofcourse she had to bring work into it.

“She is back; and I thought we were having a moment here.” Samantha said and Anita burst into laughter.

“I love you Sammy, be safe.”

“Love you too Nita.” She replied before hanging up the phone.

Few minutes later Cole pulled up to her house and helped her put her bags into the car then locked up the house and activated the security system.

For breakfast,they drove to Jacks N Joe at S Figueroa Street. After he parked his car in an open slot, they walked into the restaurant and were soon seated at a booth just as a waiter walked up to their table to drop two menus for them then left almost immediately.

“You sure you want to do this?” Cole asked holding one of her hand in his.

“I have to.” She replied still scanning the menu without looking up at him but squeezed his hand reassuringly.

“Have you made your choice yet?” Asked the waiter who just walked up to their table to take their order.

“I’ll have the Chloe’s blues pancakes, a slice of ham and a cup of coffee, specifically the house roast.” She said as the waiter wrote her order down before turning to Cole.

“I’ll have the combo 3 and also a cup of coffee.” He said.

“Coming right up.” The waiter said then left to go get the food ready.

“I’ll miss you.” Cole said to her smiling.

“I’ll miss you too.” She replied.

This would be the first time they’ll be spending time apart for a long time and she had no idea how they’ll cope without each other but going to Atlanta was very important to her. They’ve always been inseparable and she knew that Cole would drop everything in a heartbeat to travel with her but she has to this alone and he needs to be in Los Angeles.

Their food arrived soon and they ate in silence, each person focusing on the various thoughts swimming around his/her mind.

Cole was still not fully convinced that Kate was being sincere. If she had really wanted to contact Sammy as badly as she insinuated, then why hadn’t she done so? Even if their dad had refused there were still a lot of ways for Kate to reach out to Sammy. What if Greg didn’t die? Would she have still reached out at some point? Or was she trying to take advantage of Sammy’s vulnerability? He hated the fact that he had absolutely no control over this.

When they were done eating, Sammy insisted on paying and for the first time ever, he let her. He seemed to understand that she felt that she had no control over everything happening to her and knew she needed to feel in control, to feel like she could take charge over something someone else could easily do. That was probably why she was very happy upon signing Dewan the previous day and that was also the reason he was now letting her pay.

“Thanks.” Sammy said with a wide smile as she paid and he was glad he could do this much for her.

They talked and laughed about anything that came to mind on their way to the airport and it felt like old times, the both of them forgetting about their worries for the moment.

They got to the airport by 11.30 and he walked her to the jet bridge where they took the elevator down and when it opened they walked directly towards the airport strip where her jet was ready and waiting.

The jet is a Bombardier Global 7000, capable of holding up to ten passengers and traveling over 7000 miles non-stop. It features four living spaces, a dinner take that seats at lease 6 people, large windows, a bedroom and another extra in the living space.

It had been a gift from her father when her first album went platinum and it was named SAMMY after her.

She smiled as she looked up at it, memories flooding her all at once and her heart squeezed in her chest as she remembered the love her dad never failed to shower on her and he on him. She suddenly felt sick for ever doubting him.

“What I’m I doing? I shouldn’t have any doubts about dad, all he ever did was love me.” She said standing in one spot as she wrapped her arms around herself to ward off the chill that suddenly enveloped her.

Cole turned to her and pulled into his arms, hugging her tightly.

“Dad would never hurt me; I’m sure Kate is just lying and trying to make him look bad to me. I can’t go to Atlanta, I shouldn’t do this.” She was desperately trying to hold back the tears that threatened to erupt.

“If you don’t go and find out for sure, you’ll always wonder if she was right and I don’t want you living that way.” Cole said softly.

“Shouldn’t you be discouraging me? You’ve practically been trying to talk me out of this crazy idea.” She scolded.

“I know all that but I also know that the only way you can put this behind you is by getting the answers you desire or else; you’ll always have a part of you wondering if you should have met Kate and found out the truth. Plus this way you wouldn’t feel like you took the cowards way out.” He said softly with sad eyes as a hurt expression flashed across his face but just as quickly as it appeared it was gone and Sammy wondered if she had imagined it.

“I’m scared, I don’t think I want to know. I never thought I was a coward but apparently I am.” She said sighing as she burrowed deeper into his arms.

“It’s okay to be sacred Sammy and you are no coward; you are one of the bravest people I know but I need you to promise me one thing.”

“Anything.” She said without a second thought.

“Promise me that no matter what you find out you won’t doubt his love for you becaus even if for some reason he did lie to you Sammy, we both know he loved you unconditionally. Sometimes love leads you into making wrong decisions thinking it’s the only choice you have. No matter what you find out, don’t ever doubt his love for you; promise me you won’t.” Cole said pleadingly and that hurt look was back on his face so she nodded immediately because she hated to see him hurt. She had no idea this issue was affecting him this much and she suddenly felt bad for leaving him.

“I promise I won’t doubt his love Cole.” She said and threw her arms around him holding on as if her life depended on it.

Few minutes later he broke the embrace and walked her towards the plane. When they got to the air stair he kissed her lightly on the forehead and watched her make her way into the plane before waving at her and turning to leave.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched him walk away but she brushed it off with the back of her palm. She needs to be strong both for herself and for him too.

She went into the cockpit and after she was satisfied that everything was okay and that all her bags were on the plane she told the pilot that she was ready. She buckled her seatbelt and soon they were taxing along the tarmac before finally taking off.

When it was safe for them to move about, she unhooked her seatbelt and opened up her laptop to check for any new emails.

“Miss Stone can I get you a drink?” One of the hostesses asked.

“Just water, thanks Chanel.” She replied.

The flight was smooth and 4 and a half hours later, she was in Atlanta. There was a Mercedes S-class Limo waiting to pick her up and since she didn’t arrange for it, she knew it had to be Cole or Anita.

“Welcome Miss Stone, hope your flight was good.” The chauffeur greeted her.

“Yes it was, thanks.” She replied just as her bags were being hauled into the car.

Few minutes later they were driving out of the airport and she gave him the address before bringing out her phone to text Cole and Anita that she was arrived in Atlanta safely.

20 minutes later the car pulled up in the driveway of the rented house in Roswell and the sight that met her was breathtaking.

“Wow.” She muttered under her breath.

The picture Janice sent didn’t even begin to do the house justice. Sammy’s smile got wider when she spotted the Audi R8 she requested for already parked in front of the house and she quickly got out of the limo to have a look around her new home.

She heard a noise coming from the house and looked up to see who it was just as the front door swung open; she had no idea that anyone would be there. There was a woman who looked around 40 walking towards her smiling and Sammy wondered who exactly this woman was and what she was doing in her house.

“Miss Stone?” The woman asked.

Sammy couldn’t say a word so she just nodded still confused at the woman’s presence.

“I’m Margaret but you can just call me Maggie. Welcome, I hope you had a good flight?”. The woman asked oblivious to her discomfort.

“Yes, I did. Who are you?” She asked.

“Oh!! Pardon me, I’m the house keeper. Janice said you might need a little help both around the house and with the town since you don’t really know your way around here and also because you should be getting as much rest as possible so I’m here to help”.

“Oh! I hadn’t thought of that. Nice to meet you Maggie”. She replied smiling.

If only Janice knew this vacation wasn’t exactly about rest but she was grateful for the thought and made a mental note to thank her later.

The chauffeur and Maggie hauled her bags upstairs as she looked around the house some more. The house was really beautiful and she was glad that she made the choice of renting it. The chauffeur was gone after declining an offer to stay back for a glass of wine and it was just her and Maggie. She sent a quick text to Janice thanking her for Maggie and also for the house before making her way upstairs to the master bedroom.


So nothing dramatic happened in this chapter but she is in Atlanta so that counts for something.

I really hope she doesn’t find something devastating. Any thoughts on what she might uncover??


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